Friday, 30 August 2013

The zoo and rhinos

Now, I'm not sure about anyone else, but I'm a massive child at heart. And so when my parents said they wanted to take me, my eighteen year old sister and fifteen year old brother to the zoo, it's safe to say we jumped at the opportunity. And so yesterday we made the trip to the Cotswold Wildlife Park, somewhere we visited when we were very young children and loved to pieces. It's not a massively long drive from where we live, and so it was easy to make a day of.

We saw all of the animals and had a picnic lunch in the sunshine. The sun was in and out throughout the day, but being in England, what's anyone really to expect?!

I, personally, am a huge rhino fan, and they are definitely my favourite animal. They're beautiful and usually very calm; so when people assume that they're big and mean and dangerous I can't help but be rather annoyed and feel like they're being completely misunderstood.

Cotswold Wildlife Park has four white rhinos, called Monty, Nancy, Ruby, and a two-month-old calf called Astrid. She is the first rhino to have ever been born at the park. In terms of breeding, it's wonderful progress for the white rhino, especially in zoos, but the fact that it's having to be done in captivity is quite sad, what with knowing that there's very, very little chance the animals could ever be returned to the wild.

A major thing about rhinos is that they are seriously endangered. There are now only around 29,000 rhinos left in the wild in the WHOLE world. This is largely due to unnecessary poaching for their horns. This is very upsetting, as only about a hundred years ago there were 500,000. That decrease over only a hundred years is ridiculous and unacceptable. Rhino horns are considered very important in China, as they are used for traditional Chinese medicine. However, is has been proved that the horns have NO noticeable impact to the medicine, thus creating a placebo effect where those taking it only think that it's making them better. So not only is the poaching utterly shocking, but there are also no benefits whatsoever from killing the rhinos for their horns. Is this not completely morally and generally wrong?! I think it's shocking and seriously needs to have a stop put to it.

This is something that I find truly heartbreaking. Human beings seem to think that just because they're supposedly the superior species, they can do what they like to all others. Clearly our brains don't work half as well as they're meant to if some people think that killing animals without seriously good reasoning could ever be right.

I'll leave you with a couple of my favourite photos I took of the rhinos at the park. Until next time.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

*Awkward first blog post*

Hi there... So I'm not really sure what made me think this could potentially be a good idea, but we'll see how it goes, I guess.

My name is Abbie, not Abigail or anything fancy like that, just simply Abbie (good name choice, Dad; it's not as bad as I used to think it was). And because the internet thinks that my name is incorrectly spelt, I've just added it to the dictionary - well, not the actual dictionary, the dictionary which is connected to my computer, or something like that, maybe (do they even put names in the dictionary? I don't think so...).

I've been reading through quite a few blogs recently, and the thing I found that I liked most about them was the diversity. Like, you could basically write about anything you'd like to and there's no set rules on how to word anything or real limits on what you could say. Freedom of speech probably sums that up, but I don't know, it seems like more than that in my head (in my head, she says; oh dear). Basically, I thought, I quite like writing as a thing to do (hobby), and I don't really have anything to write that might possibly seem purposeful, and so the blog idea came about (because that obviously makes loads of sense). I've tried keeping a diary, and although it might be rather humourous to look back at in so many years' time, I have a feeling it probably won't actually amount to much. In other words, I hardly ever write in it, and when I do it's just complete mumbo-jungo (that should definitely be a thing). So, yeah, I've come to the internet to broadcast my nonsense views and just say things about... things. This is going really well.

I think keeping this fairly short will probably be the best idea for now, so I'll wrap things up. Basically, you might hear (hear as you read in your head - if anyone reads this at all) from me again soon, or potentially, like the whole diary thing I have going on, you might not hear from me for five months, or maybe ever again. But if I come up with anything I feel needs to be shared with the world - whether the world likes that or not - I suppose I'll come here.

So, erm, until next time.