Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Music favourites

Helloooooo again :)

Okay so I am a big lover of most types of music and I'll usually listen to anything. However, one of my main music loves is soul music. I am a massive fan of all the old Motown hits and soul and Rhythm & Blues. Stevie Wonder is basically my hero and I could listen to his music all day everyday for the rest of my life. I also love the likes of Boyz II Men and John Legend.

I'm not really sure how I got into this kind of music to begin with, as my Dad very much likes old school rock music and my Mum's into all things pop-y. I think one day, a long time ago, I just heard a Stevie song on the radio and resultantly looked him up and got listening to all his stuff and then other artists branched off from there. I don't really know what it is about the genre but I was just hocked from then on; the happy songs, sad ones, anything: I love it all.

I think Stevie Wonder in particular is one of the most inspirational musicians, as, if you weren't aware, he's blind. This is just something that I feel could help other people with similar disabilities getting into making their own music, or showing off and polishing another talent, as generally speaking, you don't see many people who do have disabilities of any form making music or in films or just involved with the entertainment industry at all. And I definitely think it's something that should be encouraged.

Another of my music favourites comes in the form of someone who actually looks like a supermodel: Pixie Lott. I have been a fan of Pixie since her first single came out back in 2009 and from then on she's continued to make some of the most incredible songs. She's even worked with Stevie Wonder and John Legend, and both of those songs are definitely two of my favourites. She's very recently finished writing her third album and I'm looking forward to hearing it especially, as it has a different vibe to the pop sound of her first two albums, and she's gone for more of a Motown sound.

I'm also going to go and be very classic teenage girl and state that I'm also a big fan of The Wanted and Lawson (oh surprise surprise). When it comes to The Wanted I think I'm definitely much more into the ballads and prefer a lot of their album tracks to the singles they've released, but generally they do just make feel good kind of music and it's nice to hear. Lawson on the other hand have a LOT of songs about heartbreak (bless Andy Brown's little heart), but they present the lyrics in a more rock-y kind of way and I think that you couldn't really put them specifically into the category of pop.

Last but not least, I'm going to mention The Script. The Script don't really fit easily into any genre of music, but I'd call them a combination of folk, soul, rock, rap and a bit of pop. I think their music is just so diverse and there is literally something for everyone. I find their lyrics particularly impressive as they make up their phrases in really unique ways and songs like 'Exit Wounds' have a way of whacking you in the face like, wow.

I'm going to leave a few of my favourite tracks by each of these artists below, and I hope you liked this!

Stevie Wonder:
If You Really Love Me
We Can Work it Out

Boyz II Men:
A Song for Mama
End of the Road
4 Seasons of Loneliness

John Legend:
All of Me
Coming Home
Everybody Knows
Ordinary People
This Time

Pixie Lott:
Band Aid
Catching Snowflakes
Mama Do
Stevie On the Radio (featuring Stevie Wonder on harmonica)
We Just Go On
You Win (featuring John Legend on Piano

The Wanted:
All Time Low
Gold Forever
Heart Vacancy
Last to Know
Personal Soldier

Are You Ready
Die For You
Everywhere You Go
Runs Around 
Standing in the Dark
Taking Over Me

The Script:
Good Ol' Days
If You See Kay

That's a much longer list than I intended for it to be and I had to restrain myself from adding more haha! Hopefully you might like some of these too :)
Until next time.

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