Sunday, 23 February 2014

50 facts about me


My blog's really varied content-wise and I wasn't at all sure if I wanted to do tags of any sort, but I've decided that doing the '50 facts about me' tag is probably actually quite a good idea. No one really knows anything about me and I suppose it wouldn't hurt to tell you a bit. I was going to just do twenty questions but twenty turned into thirty, and thirty to forty etc. I found a few different sets of questions but in each of them there were quite a few questions I didn't like or would've really struggled to answer, and so I basically just picked some from each. And here we are:

1. What are your favourite TV programmes?

My favourite programmes are One Tree Hill and Gilmore Girls, which are both unfortunately over, but I love watching back through them all. I also really like How I Met Your Mother, My Mad Fat Diary, and, of course, Sherlock. Bene Cumberbatch I love youuuuuuuuuu. And I think the message in MMFD is just a really good one for teenagers, as it shows that it doesn't matter how you look or feel about yourself, there'll always be people who like you for who you are.

I feel like this is going to take forever hahah.

2. Biggest pet peeve?

I don't like it when other people start to tap when I'm already tapping. It just puts me off and no. Don't do it.

3. Nicest compliment you've ever received?

Someone told me I was a really nice person and I liked that.

4. Best breakfast to have?

Fruit salad. I love it and it's so healthy and I feel like it doesn't even matter what I eat the rest of the day if I've had a healthy start (even though I'm aware that's not how it works!)

5. Your idea of the perfect date?

Idk something low key and thoughtful maybe.

6. Do you play any musical instruments?

I do indeed, the alto saxophone and a little bit of piano (and the recorder obvs).

7. What do you want to do when you grow up?

Considering I'm almost eighteen I'm probably meant to know the answer to this question by now, but I really don't, so I'm just going to say I'd like to be happy (please life).

8. Any celebrity crushes?

All of them.

9. Something you couldn't live without?


10. Thoughts on love?

Lolz: 'You are under the impression that hatred is more exhausting than love. Why should it be?'
Love George Orwell. Basically, in a lot of cases, love really isn't worth the hassle.

11. Favourite quote?

I don't think I have an actual favourite, but I really like this from Robert Frost's 'The Road Not Taken.'

'Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less travelled by,
And that has made all the difference.'

It makes me feel better about all the stuff that I do that's not what everyone else would do.

12. What are you scared of?

New things.

13. Best way to your heart?

A good old toothy smile.

14. Most fun thing you've done in the past year?

To be honest I haven't really enjoyed the past year very much (2013), but there have been a couple of nice things; going to the zoo, seeing Lawson twice with my friend, Ruth, seeing The Script. That's about it really.

15. What are you looking forward to in the next week?

If I'd have done this a week ago then I'd literally have had soooo many things to write, but that's all over now lolz. However, tomorrow I am going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour for the second time, and later in the week it's one of my best friends, Jess', birthday.

16. How late did you stay up last night?

Until about 2am.

17. What is the last thing you said out loud?

When I was writing this all down the last thing I'd said was 'yes' to my Dad (he asked whether it was the four-man bobsleigh I was watching and it was), but I have spoken since then (I just don't remember what I said).

18. When was the last time a person of the opposite sex hugged you?

Last night when I was saying goodbye to my friends.

19. Any nicknames?

Sighhhhhh, yes,

Abs, abbielour, Kern (don't ask), flower, little flower, and abstinence (again, don't ask).
There are others, but they're worse and I don't like to think about them lolz.

20. What's your zodiac sign?


21.What's the last song you listened to?

Beach Baby by Bon Iver.

22. What's your favourite animal?

I love rhinos.

23. What's your favourite colour?

Yellow :)

24. Are you still at school?/What year are you in?

Yes, unfortunately; I'm in year 13.

25. Do you like parties/social events?

It depends who's there.

26. Do you like sports?

I like watching (some of) them, but I don't really participate in any. I used to play hockey but then the club stopped (sad times), and I swam religiously all throughout my childhood until my local pool closed down for a year when I was about twelve and I haven't really gotten back into it.

27. Any pets?

I have a black labrador called Prince.

28. Are you putting something off right now?

Of course.

29. What's your favourite dessert?

Cheesecake (gaaaaaaaaah).

30. Post a picture of how you like to wear your make up?

This is from yesterday because I'm not wearing any at the moment (the horror):

Apologies for the poor quality, damn those iphone front cameras psh.
It's just, very natural, with focus on the eyes. Cool. These are the products used:

31. Favourite beverage?

Hot chocolateeeeee but I drink a lot of water so I like that too.

32. If you could move to another country, where would you go?

I love Africa, so I would probably pick somewhere there; most likely Mozambique or South Africa. But I'd also love to live in Italy or Croatia or maybe Australia. 

33. Would you want to know if you had a deadly disease?

If there were really obvious symptoms then yes, because I'd want to know what was going on with me, but otherwise, definitely not.

34. Friendship or love?

Friendship that you love.

35. Do you like pot noodles?

I've never tried one.

36. What film could you watch over and over and never get bored of?

A Cinderella Story. I love Chad Michael Murray.

37. City or countryside?

Well I live in a town in the countryside but I'm always in and out of cities; I like both, so both please.

38. Do you know what time you were born?


39. Have you ever owned a goldfish?

No :( my mum said I can get one when I go to university.

40. How tall are you?

5ft 10/11inches (pretty darn tall).

41. Favourite season?

I really like spring, just because everything's fresh and pretty; but I also love autumn when everything starts to get darker and all the colours deepen.

42. How many siblings do you have?

Two; an older sister and a younger brother.

43. What are you wearing right now?

When I wrote this down I was in an ET top, shorts, hoody and slippers; however I have gotten dressed (kind of lolz) and I'm now wearing a hoody, stripy navy top and black leggings (I'm not leaving my house today).

44. Do you like where you live?

Meh, it's okay.

45. Favourite actor?

Hugh Grant <3 <3 <3

46. What colour hair and eyes do you have?

Brown hair (with a ginger tinge) and green eyes.

47. When were you born?

Probs should've put this one earlier on, oh well.

18th April 1996.

48. What are you reading at the moment?

Oscar Wilde's Short Stories, 'Survivor' by Chuck Palahniuk, and half a dozen other books for school.

49. Favourite flowers?

Yellow roses (symbolising peace and friendship).

50. Do you wear glasses?

Yes, for reading.

Ended on a high note there, of course.

I hope that hasn't completely bored you/made you hate me for one reason or another.

Anywho, if you would've answered any of these questions the same then let me know. Maybe we'll become pals, who knows.
If anyone else has done/is doing this tag thingymagige then let me know and I'll have a read of yours :)

Until next time.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Pixie Lott - Nasty

So I love Pixie Lott.

If you've read my music favourites blog post then you may be aware of my love for everything Pixie, from her music to her style to everrrything.

I fell in love with Nasty upon Pixie's first performance of it at 'the Brit's are coming' warm-up event for the Brit awards, which you can watch here: 

It's catchy and edgy with a hint of soul and just the right amount of attitude. This is Pixie's first single from her upcoming third album, and it's also the only single she's ever released that - I'm aware - she hasn't written on. I found this somewhat surprising and quite a risky move at first (before hearing the song), however I completely understand and support her decision as the song just feels like Pixie. I love how she's willing to try new things and experiment with her songs, yet at the same time manages to stay true to her own sound and the pop genre.

At first I wasn't sure about the music video for Nasty, but I've grown to quite like it. It feels very 90s dance club scene, and I think that really works with Pixie who's forever working the 90s scrunchie (my favourite accessory in the world). My favourite part of the video is the little dance sequence before Pixie and the girls get to the club; I also love Pixie's outfits in the video. I think her clothes went with the concept of the song really well and still managed to avoid any evidence she was attempting to sexualise herself for this video, and she stayed true to herself.
Overall, I think the music video had just the right balance of naughty (/nasty) and nice, and really suited Pixie in every way possible. Watch here:

I love the snippet of the acoustic version that I've heard as well; it sounds even more soulful and is very easy on the ears.

On top of this, Pixie has recorded a version of Nasty with a fairly new Brit band called The Vamps. Having covered their second single 'Wildheart' with the band, the boys returned the favour and laid down another version of Nasty which can be watched here:

I think I like this version even more than the original in all honesty. It's quite similar to Pixie's solo acoustic track, but with a quirky, country kind of twist and all the soul in the world, I can't help but love it.

Nasty is available to pre-order now, in original, acoustic and The Vamps form, along with a few covers Pixie has recently done also featuring on the ep. You can pre-order here should you wish to: link
The song is due for release on March 9th.

I would highly recommend any of the versions of Nasty, as they are each fairly individual and so one of them would be able to suit most people's tastes.

Until next time.