Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Pixie Lott - Nasty

So I love Pixie Lott.

If you've read my music favourites blog post then you may be aware of my love for everything Pixie, from her music to her style to everrrything.

I fell in love with Nasty upon Pixie's first performance of it at 'the Brit's are coming' warm-up event for the Brit awards, which you can watch here: 

It's catchy and edgy with a hint of soul and just the right amount of attitude. This is Pixie's first single from her upcoming third album, and it's also the only single she's ever released that - I'm aware - she hasn't written on. I found this somewhat surprising and quite a risky move at first (before hearing the song), however I completely understand and support her decision as the song just feels like Pixie. I love how she's willing to try new things and experiment with her songs, yet at the same time manages to stay true to her own sound and the pop genre.

At first I wasn't sure about the music video for Nasty, but I've grown to quite like it. It feels very 90s dance club scene, and I think that really works with Pixie who's forever working the 90s scrunchie (my favourite accessory in the world). My favourite part of the video is the little dance sequence before Pixie and the girls get to the club; I also love Pixie's outfits in the video. I think her clothes went with the concept of the song really well and still managed to avoid any evidence she was attempting to sexualise herself for this video, and she stayed true to herself.
Overall, I think the music video had just the right balance of naughty (/nasty) and nice, and really suited Pixie in every way possible. Watch here:

I love the snippet of the acoustic version that I've heard as well; it sounds even more soulful and is very easy on the ears.

On top of this, Pixie has recorded a version of Nasty with a fairly new Brit band called The Vamps. Having covered their second single 'Wildheart' with the band, the boys returned the favour and laid down another version of Nasty which can be watched here:

I think I like this version even more than the original in all honesty. It's quite similar to Pixie's solo acoustic track, but with a quirky, country kind of twist and all the soul in the world, I can't help but love it.

Nasty is available to pre-order now, in original, acoustic and The Vamps form, along with a few covers Pixie has recently done also featuring on the ep. You can pre-order here should you wish to: link
The song is due for release on March 9th.

I would highly recommend any of the versions of Nasty, as they are each fairly individual and so one of them would be able to suit most people's tastes.

Until next time.

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