Saturday, 22 March 2014

Cotswold Wildlife Park

Yesterday I went to the zoo (something I do at any given opportunity) with a big group of my friends and it was wonderful.

I caught up with my favourite rhinos and may have bought two cuddly toys (I couldn't leave them there okay)...

Ryan and Cornelius <3

Here are some pictures from the day (some of them aren't great quality due to lighting/glass).

Jess and I were very excited for penguin feeding time (and also still very tired from the early start)...

Nb. If you ask nicely and have a little chat with them, lots of animals will pose for you.

Literally knocking on the door for their breakfast.

We went on the train giving me my first opportunity of the day to see the rhinos (all my friends shouted my name as soon as they came into sight and I think everyone around us thought I was crazy...)

(We went back to the rhinos quite a few times...)

My favourite lemur

Until next time.

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