Sunday, 16 March 2014

London/Pixie/a dream?????

Yesterday I went to London with my friend, Ruth.

Seriously, it happened.

Pixie hosted a signing for her single Nasty yesterday in a really nice restaurant/bar called the Steam and Rye. It was just the best day ever.
Even if I only actually engaged in conversation with her for a brief 1-2 minutes, everything was worth it.
Pixie was so, so lovely and told me she loved my cat ears and necklace (which are from her Rock n Rose collection) and took a selfie with me (which was across a table as the security man was stood beside her) and she hugged me (also across the table) but it was just wonderful. She is genuinely the most down-to-earth person and she's just so nice. I've loved her and her music for five years and I honestly could not be happier that I've finally met her.

Aside from the signing, Ruth and I also went shopping on Oxford Street/Bond Street which was fun, as despite living only an hour away from London my whole life, I've never actually properly shopped in the city. I bought these from Victoria's Secret and Forever 21:

The VS fragrance mists are 'Love Spell,' which smells like cherry blossom and peach, and 'Pure Seduction' which smells in-cred-i-ble. Oh my god. The scent is red plum and freesia and it's to die for.
This make-up bag is really cute and pretty, and it was basically just something I needed as my make-up bag is tiny (like a kid's lil pencil case) and I needed something more accommodating.

We then had lunch in the cafe in Marks and Spencer which was lovely, before heading over to the signing where there were only around twenty people in the queue in front of us. We waited in line for about two or so hours, in which time we saw Pixie arrive and wave to us as she went inside.

And then it happened and we met her and it was perfect.

After the signing we went over to tower bridge and walked across it (it was very, very windy which was entertaining), and we got many strange looks as we wandered around the bank of the Thames due to our cat ears (yo-freakin-lo).

And then we came home and sighed a lottttttt.

The sun was out all day, which just made us even happier.

Perfect day, it felt like a dream.

Until next time.

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