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Guess who just woke up, took off yesterday's top, put some actual pyjamas on, removed yesterday's make up and got back into bed? *waves* I'm the epitome of gross lolz.

I really need to get some paracetamol for my head and something uncomfortably cold for my throat before I continue writing this hahah.

Okay, so I'm now sat in bed with a bowl of frozen yoghurt and things could be much worse.

Last night (25th April), I relived my childhood at McBusted's gig at London's O2. And it was AMAZING. All of the nostalgia in the whole world.

The day didn't really go very smoothly for my three pals, Chloe, Charlie and Jess, and I, but the frustrations of earlier on were definitely made up for at the concert. Literally, it was just the happiest hour and a half or so ever. As soon as we heard about the tour we were all completely onboard and have been stupidly overexcited about it for a number of months.

I can't actually comment on the three support acts that there were, as we didn't get to the O2 until half eight, by which time they'd all been and gone. Luckily none of us were hugely bothered about missing them as technically we'd only paid to see McBusted and that was what we really wanted. Jess and I did YouTube 'The 3 Dudes' yesterday morning at sixth form though and they seemed okay, so I might look them up again.

When McBusted came on stage it was just the best thing ever. My childhood came back to life in that room and you could tell pretty much everyone else felt the same.

The only criticism I can make of the gig was that they didn't perform many Mcfly songs, with the set being mostly dominated by Busted songs. But I feel that that's quite understandable because Mcfly have been playing their songs for a good ten years whereas there's been a huge gap for Busted. And I'll forever sigh that Charlie Simpson didn't get on board (he was my favourite Busted member) but it was still great without him.

I loved their b stage, which was essentially a spaceship, that came down from the roof and was quite close to us as we were on one of the sloping corners towards the back. But my favourite songs to hear by a trillion miles were Sleeping With the Light On, Shine a Light and All About You. I'm the biggest sucker for a ballad and they just made me so happy/emotional/every feeling ever.

Overall the hassle earlier in the day was sooooo worth it and I enjoyed every second. If you're going to see them soon then I hope you have the most wonderful time, and if you're not then you should really try to (that or just watch the DVD of it which I believe they filmed for last night ahhhhh).
It was so wonderful and I just loved seeing how happy it made both them and everyone in the audience.


Skirt: ASOS (tall); Vest: H&M; Cardigan: Next; Shoes: Next; Necklace: Rock n Rose (exclusive to ASOS).


Foundation: Rimmel Match Perfection (Light Porcelain (pale as it gets lolz)); Concealer: Collection Lasting Perfection (Fair); Bronzer: MUA Mosaic Bronzer (Shade 1); Eyeshadow: Maybelline Colour Tattoo (On and on Bronze) and Urban Decay Factory (Naked 3 palette); Mascara: L'Oreal Miss Manga; Lips: Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter (Pink Truffle).

Until next time.

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