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In case you didn't work it out from the heading: it's about to get political.

Dun, dun, dunnnnnnnn.


Politics is something I first developed a loose interest in at around the age of fourteen. Up until this point I basically knew nothing at all about this topic. It's not something properly taught in schools until A Level and to be honest, I think adults tend to just expect young people to understand it. In all honesty, I still find a lot of it rather daunting and confusing, but the stuff that do I understand is a great point of interest and equally a struggle for me.

The first real insight I ever had to politics was through GCSE History. In history pretty much everything you learn about is related to politics in some way, and almost always, you're shown the negative side of things. Because really, I don't think politics will ever be seen as a particularly positive topic. And that's mostly because everyone has differing opinions on, well, everything. It's very unlikely, that if you put together a group of ten random people, they would agree on, for instance, their favourite colour. And to be honest, I think politics can be thought of in a relatively similar way sometimes. Someone will always have a different approach to the subject. But the thing with politics is, it's not like saying 'my favourite colour's red,' 'cool, mine's green.' In politics you constantly have strong minded people attempting to force their opinion on you. The thing is, we don't really see it like this, because in reality politicians are just trying to continue the functioning of the country. But you wouldn't ever have someone trying to persuade you that, 'actually, I think your favourite colour's blue, like mine.' I don't know where this is going. Okay. So, politics is kind of an opinion game, where the person who can convince the most amount of people that they know what's best for them wins. Except, in my opinion, there isn't any political party that actually stands for all the right things.

Traditionally, the main two parties in the UK are now the Conservatives and Labour. But only just over a hundred years ago the Labour Party didn't even exist. It was the Liberal Party (now Liberal Democrats) that fought the Conservatives. And I think that just this shows how the majority vote is constantly changing. Mainly, in my opinion, because people don't always know what they really need, and so they just focus on what they want for now. That's why there's often a different party in government. And over time, more parties have appeared, standing for different or additional things to those before. But some of the suggested policies from one party in particular have literally made me feel sick.

If you know even a little about this party then I'm sure you'll know which one I'm talking about already (plus the image may have given it away). UKIP. The UK Independence Party. I don't want to make it seem like I'm trying to discourage anyone from voting for them, but personally, I see no good in this party. Initially, just looking at their logo in comparison with Labour/Conservative/Lib Dem: I don't get it. Why, when trying to appear as a somewhat established, esteemed party, would you use the pound symbol in the logo? Yes, the currency represents the UK, but is it necessary? Personally, I think that it doesn't create a good first impression, going against the simple, sophisticated logos of the other parties. And then we move on to the content of just some of their suggested policies. As a party they're actually quite hypocritical in some instances. For example, wanting to limited the number of immigrants allowed into Britain. On their local manifesto, the party state that 'Romanians come second on the list of foreign nationals arrested by police for serious crimes.' This includes, and this is the first in the list of things included on their manifesto, '142 rapes.' But when looking up some of the policies party members suggested, one of them was 'making it legal for a man to rape or assault his wife.' I'm sorry, but NO. Just NO. First they claim that one of the reasons to reduce the amount of foreigners allowed into the country is that they commit crimes such as rape, and yet it was almost a policy that a man SHOULD be allowed tor rape his wife LEGALLY. Let's be real. What. The. Fuck. Honestly, you can try and type something like this in a formal manner, but sometimes you just have to be outright and state your opinion. I've never really considered myself feminist, but let's face it, we all know that rape is wrong on every level.  The fact that contraception was illegal at one point disgusts me enough, but rape has always and will always be wrong to every person who is sane (if you think that it's fine and dandy then please just stop reading right now because I'm not going to waste another word on you). And the fact that it's stated that it's a man's wife who he can rape. Why would any woman ever get married if they knew that what they were marrying into was an allowance for a man to have sexual intercourse with them against their will? Be realistic. I just. I need to stop with UKIP before it makes me completely lose my mind.

My point in this is: politics to most is somewhat boring. And a lot of people just vote for whoever without properly reading into each party's manifesto and looking up what their members believe in. Be smart. Please don't just vote for a party due one of their policies, because there could be so much more that would cause controversy and potentially disaster. I'm not saying which party you should or shouldn't vote for, but don't waste your vote or make your decision without being completely informed.

Well this was way more serious than usual.

Until next time.

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