Friday, 30 May 2014

Rape culture

If someone is forced into sexual activity without consenting to it, it is rape.

Rape is one of the topics that's constantly debated in modern day society. And personally I think it's ridiculous. It's ridiculous that a violation of human rights could be considered by some to be perfectly acceptable. As people, we have the right to control what happens to our own bodies, and so if someone else uses force to do something that you do not want to happen to your body, then that goes against your human rights. To be honest, if they even make an attempt to do so, or try to talk you into it, that's a violation as well, because you have the right to make you own decisions.

Rape culture is the most disgusting thing I have ever come across. The fact that some people believe that rape should be excused and tolerated, even condoned, is absolutely vile. The fact that in the vast majority of circumstances it's men who believe rape should be acceptable is the point that makes it such a huge issue today. Because, traditionally, men have always been in charge, of politics, finances, families and women, it was once seen, by the men who were in control, that rape should be acceptable. And because it was acceptable once, a long time ago, some men believe that it should still be acceptable now. But in reality, it should never have been tolerated in the first place. Is it really the fault of women that they aren't biologically stronger than men, and thus can't physically fight back with the same kind of power? NO.

In all honesty, I think that the real issue is that a lot of men are very stubborn. So stubborn that they actually believe that by raping a woman they might actually be doing her a favour, because, of course, all women enjoy sex, so why should they complain? What a lot of men fail to realise is that sex is different for men and women. For a lot of women it's actually quite painful at times, even when they want to have sex. And so not only is rape something that puts another human in a situation completely against their will, but they're also being put through physical pain, as well as mental and emotional pain. It's something that many people would rightly liken to torture. It's physical abuse that mentally and emotionally scars people, mostly women, occasionally men.

I think one of the main problems in getting some men to understand the real issue is that there isn't really anything that has the equivalent impact on a man. Perhaps if a man were raped they would understand it. The issue there is that men are generally physically stronger, meaning that there is much more chance that they could stop it from happening. In no way am I suggesting that the men who believe rape is acceptable should have to experience it before they say it should be condoned (although saying that, it would definitely lessen the support for rape culture), as it would be a violation of their human rights. The fact that as a woman, I fully respect the rights of men, yet a number of men do not respect my rights as a women is utterly wrong. We're all the same species, and so we should all be equal.

Equally, the fact that some men think that cat catting and beeping their car horns at women is an okay thing to do is beyond dumb. The amount of times I've had men, whether it be teenage boys in their little cars, or middle-aged men driving lorries, beeping at me is ridiculous. And considering that it's something that's been happening to me since I was about thirteen/fourteen brings on even more controversy. What kind of pleasure do these men really get from beeping or cat calling? Honestly??????? Does it boost your ego in some way when I ignore you as you drive past because obviously I'm just hiding my arousal??? What arousal???? Beeping/cat calling has never been a turn on and it NEVER will be. Stop kidding yourselves. It's embarrassing; for human kind.

Didn't really intend on this turning into a rant of any kind, but in all honesty it's rather necessary. Rape culture is disgusting and it always will be. Stop contributing to it. And stop suggesting that women should cover up their bodies in order to avoid being sexualised by men. Men need to be taught to respect women and keep any kind of arousal to themselves. In this instance, men are the problem, not women. So yes, I will continue to wear skirts, but that does not in any way act as an invitation for a man to beep his horn at me, or do anything else for that matter. If you want to look, then look. There's no issue with looking, not at all. It's when actions are made that the problem happens. And misogyny is the dumbest thing ever; if I was to say I hated men, outright - which I do not - I would get so much crap for it, but of course hating women is all just 'banter' hahahah h hhhh sort your lives out.

Moral: Think before you act. It could stop you from ruining someone else's life, or generally just reminding them that they're inferior due to their gender, which should not be the case, but sadly the idea continues to prevail.

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