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The Cab: Whisper War and Symphony Soldier

From the titles of The Cab's first two albums, it's evident that they aren't shy on literary techniques, and if you listen to their songs then you'll note that there's further alliteration, with a whole lot of rhyming and some personification dotted around. I can't remember the exact point that I first heard about The Cab, but I think it must have been around 2009/10, just via social media. Initially I just thought, okay, it's music. But as time progressed I properly got into their music and now the band are a strong favourite of mine.

In terms of genre, iTunes places The Cab in the 'punk' bracket. To an extent, I do agree with this, as they have the typical punk-rock instrumentation (with the occasion addition of strings and such), as well as a few somewhat confrontational lyrics, but personally I'd say they were more of a pop-punk hybrid, with some dance influence, although this doesn't overthrow the meaning conveyed.

Often this type of band seem to create very lyrically intense songs, which to an extent, you could agree that The Cab do, but they mix things up and kind of make a mockery of emotions at times, especially in songs like 'Bad,' where there's the suggestion of a guy wanting a 'bad girl,' because he knows that ultimately he'll probably end up alone anyway. It's a fairly sad concept, but the song's upbeat with a slightly vicious bite about it, thus creating an 'I don't care' attitude, perhaps covering up an insecurity that a lot of men share.

'Her Love is My Religion' is surprisingly one of my favourite songs. Whenever religion is mentioned in any context I get a bit edgy; it's always a tricky subject because no one agrees on it and everyone believes in something different. But in this song I really like how religion has been personified, and essentially not by naming someone a god. Here a woman is representative of the hopes and beliefs that people have due to their religion. 'We all need something to believe' really suggests that it doesn't matter what anyone believes in, but generally speaking we all believe in something. It's a very passionate song, in the same way many people are passionate about Christianity, Judaism, Islam etc. Overall, the message I get from the song is that you don't have to believe in something spiritual, that can't necessarily be proven to be real, but rather you can believe in the people around you, and you should.

One of the prettiest ballads I have ever come across is 'Vegas Skies.' Driven by an acoustic guitar, with a soft string section and drums, along with the piano, this song definitely doesn't conform to the conventions of 'punk' music. But the thing with The Cab is, they're much more diverse than perhaps they would seem at a first glance. Personally I think it's very necessary for artists to incorporate songs that don't essentially conform to the genre they're best known for, as this way they not only develop a further audience, but they're becoming better musicians, and they'll be able to write better music of their own genre. Very few people only listen to one genre of music anyway, and if they do then they should probably broaden their horizons, because they're missing out. Alexander DeLeon actually did a blog post which explained why he wrote the song (link) and it's really rather sad, but equally an inspiring display of patience. The song has this overlying tone of nostalgia that haunts the heart, but furthermore, really strikes the heart strings. 'I've only got forever and forever is fine' is one of the nicest things anyone could ever say; an outright declaration that you're worth an eternity.

More than anything, I feel like this band are honest. And in the music industry today, it's very rare that any band or artist really come across in this manner, like you can trust that every word they say they really mean, or they've experienced. There is nobody that I wouldn't recommend them to. Now if they could just come and tour in the UK then everything would be wooooonderful, because I feel like they're almost definitely a band who'll sound even better, and even more raw and real, live.

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