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The Icarus Account

After clicking on suggested video after suggested video on youtube a few months ago, I first came across The Icarus Account. Having kind of but not really liked the majority of songs I'd been listening to whilst I'd aimlessly clicked, I was left completely mesmerised by the uniqueness of the band's sound. The acoustic nature made me fall in love immediately. I don't believe in love at first sight, but love at first listen is a real thing that actually happens.

The band consists of twin brothers,Ty and Trey Turner, from Florida. Their main aim is to 'write songs that they hoped would give an audience goosebumps.' And that, they have definitely managed to do for me. The majority of their songs are fairly soft and could quite easily be mistaken for lullabies, but I cannot think of anything more perfect. Trey suggests, 'One of the most beautiful things about writing songs is that it proves how connected all of us really are,' and I couldn't agree more. I think the brothers have really managed to capture certain emotions and feelings that perhaps are usually pushed aside by a lot of people. Personally I'm someone who often suppresses emotions like sadness, but the band's lyrics really speak to me and remind me that everyone feels sad sometimes.

'Jasmine' was the first song of their's I listened to and I just thought it was beautiful. The opening piano sequence sounded very recognisable, like a childhood memory of a nursery rhyme and I immediately felt comfortable with the song. The message is something that I can really relate to. They express an interest in someone and how they always look forward to seeing them; I think that's something that most people have felt at one time or another. But they're kind of worried to say anything because they don't really know how the other person is feeling, something that, equally, I'm sure we've all thought about. My favourite line by a mile is 'if only the secrets of her heart were written in her eyes.' I think it's something that we'd all like, just to know someone's feelings by looking at them, rather than continuously hoping, but never really saying anything, whether it be due to fear or shyness. I think the line's so relatable; I think about how easy other people would find it to approach me if they already knew what I was thinking. It's just one of the prettiest songs I've ever come across. ( listen here )

Another of my favourites is 'Little Things.' It's very reminiscent and nostalgic, looking back to a time when you were with someone and thinking about all the little things that made you like them. The softness of the guitar and vocals is kind of haunting; they really know how to evoke emotions with just the right intensity for their songs. I think that's where a lot of artists go wrong in my opinion, they try to increase the tempo too much or add more layers of sound; the result is that the song doesn't sound like the lyrics intend for it to. But this song is the complete opposite and I think that the twins just do everything right in my opinion. ( listen here )

'Bad News' is more of an upbeat song and it kind of brings out the good that's ultimately encased in the bad. 'I'm just tired of being the good guy lately,' is a lyric I can relate to. Sometimes you just find yourself wanting to do something completely uncharacteristic and go under the influence of someone who lives a little more freely. I think it's quite a quirkly track that's just all about fun and not caring about being 'bad news' and that's a good message for young adults who constantly feel the need to do the right thing. You have to live a little sometimes. ( listen here )

I think my favourite song of their's would have to be 'Yellow Shirt,' simply because it sounds a lot like my life. 'She always wears yellow when she feels like herself' is one hundred percent accurate for me; whether it's a yellow top, yellow nail varnish, socks; if I feel like me then I'll be wearing something yellow. And I think this was the song that really struck me the most out of them all, because I actually learnt a lot about myself from it and that's not something that's ever happened to me before. My favourite colour is yellow and second to that is grey, basically because I either feel yellow or grey. 'She's been wearing grey, without a thought of change' really made me think about how I present myself as an emotion sometimes. I always hide my emotions from facial expressions or my speech, but actually I'm always showing them with my clothing; people just don't realise. Literally, this song has made me think about so many things, and there's never been anything else that's had the same affect on me. It's kind of like magic. Again it's the acoustic wonderland of sound that the twins always present, but this one's just that little bit more special for me. ( listen here )

Overall, The Icarus Account are tranquil and timeless. They managed to become one of my favourite bands in the space of a single evening and that's not something to ever be overlooked in my opinion. I think that their songs are just so meaningful and really help you to understand life and think about things in ways that perhaps you hadn't before. I would recommend them to anyone of any age; unlike a lot of bands that have more of a target audience, The Icarus Account are completely suitable for all ages and genders. They just want to make real music, and that they do very well.

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