Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Family outing: the zoo

Can you tell how much I love animals and visiting zoos? This is the third time I've been to the zoo in under a year and it was still great. The previous times were both to Cotswold Wildlife Park, the first with my family and the second with my friends, but this time my family decided to go to Woburn Safari Park, which is a little bit further away from where we live and in the opposite direction. The choice of zoo was made by my mum and sister, but luckily they're smart and only actually looked at the ones that had rhinos, because they know at heart that's what I always want to see most. My parents wanted to go before all the schools break up for summer to avoid the rush, as my sister has finished university for the year, my brother has finished year eleven and I've finished sixth form, so we've got some time on our hands.

It was a bit awkward to take pictures whilst driving round the park as you couldn't get out of the car (sad times, wish I could have spend longer watching the rhinos, sigh), but there's a smaller area for the smaller animals that you can walk around, so the photo quality is a bit varied (and they were taken on three different cameras ahhh). Hope you like themmmmm wooooo :)

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