Saturday, 30 August 2014

August favourites

I wasn't going to do an August favourites post because I did one for July and I thought it was quite soon to do another, as I wouldn't have a new set of things to talk about, but there are quite a few new/different things I've really liked this month. And thus, here we are.

August has been okay for me; the first half of the month was fueled by ongoing angst, in the wait for A Level results, which was NOT fun at all, but it seemed to go by surprisingly fast, thankfully. I was really, really pleased with my results as they got me into my first choice of university, but at the same time I was a bit meh about it, as in two of my subjects I was a few marks off of a higher grade (gggaaaaa you don't understand the frustration). But yeah, I got in, so I don't really see the point in paying far too much money for remarks when it might not even change anything.

And the second half of August has pretty much been all about sorting everything out for uni, which I find so daunting and it's getting worryingly close to the time I'll be leaving home. So it was kind of like, woo, relief of getting in and then, ahhh, I'm actually going, can I even do this.

But anyway, these are some of the things I've been liking throughout August:


My favourite song this month is actually an all time favourite that I've just rediscovered and cannot begin to believe I temporarily forgot about because it is incredible. The Piano Guys covered One Direction's 'What Makes You Beautiful' on youtube a couple of years ago, and I could honestly listen to it forever more and nothing else. It is stunning. And it's put together in the most phenomenal way. You can watch it here and I really recommend you do. The crew of five play the song all on one piano, using the instrument in ways that most people would never think to. I cannot rave about this enough and I just think that everyone in existence ever needs to hear it. I don't care if you don't like One Direction, this isn't even to do with them, there are no lyrics sung, it's just all about the production. And you can see how much they all enjoy it and that just makes me so happy and makes me love it even more. They've done piano/cello covers of so many other songs too and they're all amazing. I hope that they come and play in the UK at some point because I just think they would be the most incredible group to hear live. I get major goosebumps just listening to them on youtube so actually hearing and seeing them perform live would seem like a complete honour. Please, please listen to this song, or any of The Piano Guys' others (another I would highly recommend is their cover with an African twist on Coldplay's Paradise), I honestly can see no way in which you'll regret it.


I have two favourite albums this month, but they're both by the same band, so essentially this is a 'band favourite' rather than an album, but still. I've been listening to New Politics so much recently, with both their albums, New Politics and A Bad Girl In Harlem humming into my ears pretty much every day. I didn't actually realise the band were from Copenhagen (Denmark) until a few weeks ago (even though they have a song called 'Goodbye Copenhagen' but they also have 'Berlin'/'Harlem' so let's be real, I wasn't to know) and I was really pleasantly surprised by it. I like that the sort of punk/rock/pop genre is no longer dominated by American bands, and instead there are a lot of newer bands from what would be considered 'less likely' countries; I love this simply because they bring other influences into the music, such as an electro-rock dance vibe in NP's case that's rather addictive. Both of these albums are really great, and my favourite songs would probably be 'Give Me Hope' and 'New Generation' on NP, and 'Stuck On You,' 'Fall Into These Arms' and 'Tonight You're Perfect' on ABGIH.


My favourite book this month has been John Green's 'Paper Towns.' I read about half of this book in one evening near the beginning of the month and then ended up having loads of family-related stuff going on, and so I didn't actually finish it until towards the end of the month, just because I had other priorities over 'personal' reading as such. But I loved this book. I liked it a lot more than A Fault In Our Stars, and I think I'd put it about on par with Looking For Alaska; it might be better actually. I think it is. I think I just prefer the male first-person narrative, I don't know, it seems kind of easier to read, maybe, I don't know. But the novel has a really great plot and it's quite intense to read but equally there's a sort of cleansing feel to it. Would definitely recommend it to anyone.


I've been so off with food this month ugh. I don't know if it's just me or the way summer makes me feel but I don't like anything. The food I think I've paid the most attention to this month is melon and I've never been convinced as to whether I actually like it or not. How boring though. It's filling without much effort or thought and it's good for you too, so it's a winner I guess. Really hoping my appetite reappears soon because I really do love food, sigh.


Juice. By golly do I love it. Orange juice is something I drink pretty much everyday, but over the past month I've been a bit more adventurous with juice. Even had apple one time. No, but really, Sainsburys do this Pineapple, Mango and Passion fruit juice and it's the most wonderful thing in the whole world. I really, really love pineapple but I really struggle to eat it because the texture makes me wanna vom. It's like a dry texture but a wet fruit and ehhhhh I just can't. Pineapple juice is great though and so I started off with just that, but when I found this - I'm not over exaggerating at all here - it was life changing. The perfect blend of fruits in juice form. Thank you Sainsburys. I am eternally grateful (please don't ever discontinue this stuff).


My favourite film this month has been School of Rock. Let's rock, let's rock, today. I've loved this film for so long, probably since not long after it came out, even though at that time I wouldn't have understood all the jokes buuuuuut still. I actually remember my mum not wanting me to watch it but my dad letting me anyway. It's just funny and it never gets old which is some sort of miracle because I'm someone who often stops watching a film half way through just because I'd rather do something else. Oops. I think Jack Black is such a great actor, I really love him in The Holiday (hahahah all of the Jude Law feels; send help). This film just always makes me so happy, I love the music, I love the characters, actors, generally just the whole production. Just worship the band.

Nail varnish

What a waste of a summer month it would be not to wear yellow nail varnish. My favourite yellow is Barry M's Lemon Ice Cream; it's not a pastel but it's not too bright and I laaaaave it. I feel like Barry M nail varnishes are just the best of the cheaper ones, like I wouldn't want to spend more than five pounds on a nail varnish and these are really good quality for the price. I use a Revlon base coat and top coat, and apply two coats of the yellow between those two for the best finish. And yeah, it lasts for about a week before chipping massively and I just really like yellow (although I'm definitely heading back to the dark colours next month (I love autumn)).

Skin Care Product

Instead of a hair product I thought I'd go with a skin care product this month, basically because I barely do anything with my hair so there's never much to talk about. The No7 skin care range from Boots is soooo good. All of their products are hypo-allergenic, so cause minimal irritation and all things considered they are very good for your skin. Their 'Beautiful Skin' Cleansing Water is one of my favourite skin care products ever. It's perfect for removing makeup, as it removes it all but also replenishes the skin as it does; it's the much better alternative to makeup wipes. The whole 'Beautiful Skin' range is for oily/normal skin and so it's perfect for me and just works really well (and smells really, really gooooooood).

Makeup product

Rather than literal makeup, this month my favourite 'makeup product' has been Bourjois' 'Magic Nail polish remover.' It works really well and means you can remove nail varnish without cotton wool. In my eyes, this is a dream; I just don't really like cotton wool, because it ends up getting stuck to your nails as you're scrubbing the varnish off and it's just ehhh. No. I heard about this through Gabby (velvetgh0st), who mentioned it in one of her fairly recent videos and I am so glad I tried it. I think it was only about five pounds, which isn't much more than you'd spend on ordinary nail varnish remover/cotton wool, and it's just less hassle. You put your nail in the pot, twist it around for a few seconds and you're done. If you use a base/top coat then it will take a bit more twisting to remove the nail varnish, but I think that's understandable. And it leaves your nails smelling so nice gaaaa. I just think this product is so great. Although I have thought about it, and I'll probably still have to buy ordinary nail varnish remover for my toe nails (don't think it'd be too easy/comfortable/hygienic to do with this) which is a bit of a bummer, but at least this makes finger nails easier.


It sounds really meh, but I've just really enjoyed being at home, and in and around my hometown of Oxford this month. I'm getting really, weirdly sentimental about it, but because I'm not going to be here much in the upcoming months, I just want to take everything in so I don't forget it, as dumb as it sounds. I don't know, it feels silly because I kind of want to get away, but equally there are little things that I'm sure I'll miss for what will seem like no reason. I've never actually lived anywhere else, so I'll just feel strange not being here all the time. I've particularly liked going to the woods near where I live and walking my dog there. It's so calm and peaceful even though the motorway's only about 200 metres away; it's kind of magical actually. I'm a bit of a nature freak, like I love to be immersed in the trees and grass etc, I feel really comfortable there and I've always loved the quiet,

I'd love to know what everyone else's favourite things have been this month and what you've been up to - everything's been pretty quiet for me but it'll all get a bit more interesting next month ahhhhhhh (I'm literally so scared). Hope everyone's had a lovely August :)

Until next time.

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Monday, 18 August 2014

Things school didn't teach me

Bank accounts??????
Everything important ever?????????
Preeeeeetty much.

Now that I've finished school it's come to my attention how few things it's actually taught me. Apparently trigonometry was really important (I think that's the one with the triangles), but real life maths, including things like taxes were never even mentioned. And the thing is, we're just expected to know about all these things???? Even though they've never even been mentioned to us????? Let alone fully addressed?????? I worry about our education system.

You don't learn a thing about sex ed until year six when you're 10/11; that's kind of dumb. Sure, most parents will have at least explained something by then, but let's be real, kids need to know the facts of life early on. Maybe it'll destroy their innocence, sure, but maybe it'll equip them for the future, which realistically is the whole point of educating people.

I still don't fully understand how all the different types of bank accounts work; I've just got one as of now so as to keep from confusing myself. What I struggle to understand more than anything, is why these kinds of things aren't even mentioned briefly at school, because really, this is the kind of thing you'll actually pay attention to, because it's actually important, unlike how to estimate the mass of a star or something like that. But yeah, my bank sent me a message (or maybe it was actually a letter idk) saying that they were changing my account type and I don't know how they knew to change it or what, but they just decided to do it, whatever. I don't get any of it. I don't see how it's any different than it was before (there's still practically no money in it so it doesn't really effect me right now lolz).

I know that my parents did have a mortgage a while back, but I never really understood what it was or what it meant until like a year ago. So that was interesting to hear about/scary because in future I'll probably end up needing one and being even more confused than I already am. Whoop.

It's kind of annoying that politics isn't taught because studying subjects like history you're literally just expected to understand it all and know everything. I remember starting GCSE history in year 10 and hearing 'left wing' and 'right wing' and wondering if the teacher was talking about a plane or a bird or something. To be honest I still forget what left and right are in the political sense (you'd think I'd remember with the amount of times I've googled it for essays). Like, obviously I get that they don't want to influence future decisions on who we vote for (although let's be real, they kind of do want to), but at least outline the basic facts.

Something that they don't actually teach in school anymore is how to work as a team. When I was in primary school I'm pretty sure they did, but nowadays, they do not. I help out at a brownie unit with thirty odd 7-10 year old girls and they cannot work in teams to save their lives. It's awful. They're literally just all out for themselves. They're never gonna get anywhere in life like that. So teamwork needs to be brought back. As well as this, there's often a lacking in competition, like, nowadays it's all 'everyone's a winner' and so children aren't actually prepared to deal with losing, which, I gotta tell ya, happens a LOT in life. And if they can't deal with losing as kids, then they'll only end up throwing a paddy when they get older and at that point nobody's gonna wanna deal with their crap, so they'll end up losing a hell of a lot more.

Kids are annoying.

I think it'd also be useful if there was some sort of education given about jobs and how to compile a decent CV. There are so many jobs available these days that hardly anyone even knows exist. Educate us now, and maybe we'll be prepared to take them on in the future, because someone's going to have to do them. And obviously if you can't write a convincing CV or make a strong application for a job, then it's unlikely a company will make any contact with you regarding any kind of job.

The last thing I think needs to be taught properly in schools is first aid. I know some parents teach their kids this themselves, but to be honest there are a lot of parents who don't know much first aid themselves. I learnt about first aid when I was about seven for a badge when I was a brownie and so that set me up pretty well with just the basics, which is all people really need to know; basic CPR and what to do in certain situations that are fairly common. I think we had a little school trip to a local hospital in year six where they taught us a few bits, but nothing major. I actually took a rookie lifeguard course when I was about twelve as well, so that just refreshed it all in my memory and gave me further knowledge. I think this is one of those things that's really important because it could potentially be life and death.

So those are some things that I think I should have, but did not learn in school that worry me rather a lot and have me doing endless google searches in hope of someday managing to properly understand.

If there are other things you think you should have learnt at school or you want your children to be taught then let me know, because the chances are I'll agree with you and just didn't think about it before hand.

Until next time.

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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Song of the week #1

Since I've been doing a lot of music posts recently, and they're something I really enjoy writing, I thought I'd make them something of a weekly occurrence with a 'song of the week.' It won't necessarily be every week, but I'll post them a couple of times a month. They'll be songs that I've listened to a lot throughout the week and really like hearing.

The first song on the bill is 'Thunder' by Boys Like Girls.

Until a few of weeks ago I'd never actually listened to Boys Like Girls, just having heard that one or two people I know liked them, but this song was in the background of a youtube video I was watching and I wasn't paying any attention to the content of the actual video, instead just focusing on the song. I'm one of those people who googles lyrics, pretty much all the time, to find songs I've heard. I've got about ten tabs open on my phone at all times with songs I've found that I want to listen to again. And this was one of them.

The title of the song, with reference to the weather, is always topical. It's been really warm for a while in the UK and my oh my have I been missing the rain, so the bit of stormy weather we've had just this past day or two has been wooooonderful; I find it so calming and I always sleep best when it's tipping it down/there's a storm brewing on. Thunder is a really calming song and so has the same effect on me as actual thunder. However in this song, the band aren't just discussing the weather, but personifying the weather and comparing it to a person. The lyrics also refer to the season, 'your voice was the soundtrack of my summer,' thus adding further relevance to the current situation. I love a good rock ballad and this is such a great one. The chorus features some really pretty lyrics with 'your eyes are the brightest of all the colours,' and 'you'll always be my thunder, so bring on the rain.'

I've listened to this song so many times in this past week and I've discovered yet another band that I like in Boys Like Girls. I really didn't expect to like their music in all honesty, but I was very pleasantly surprised by what I've heard and equally very pleased. They're a very current band, especially with something of a rock revolution which has been edging on at the moment. Rock music seems to be making a comeback in chart music and bands like this go to show that rock really isn't all about the 'heavy metal' stereotype, but can be whatever a band makes of it with the instruments they have.

Here's a link to the song on youtube.

Until next time.

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Monday, 11 August 2014

Don't Kill The Magic: MAGIC! - review

After listening to MAGIC!'s song 'Don't Kill The Magic' a few months ago, I've been a little bit obsessed with their music. Their debut album, of the same name, was released last Monday in the UK (04.08.2014). The band are from Toronto, Canada and hoped to be something of a "modern-day Police." I think this album is brilliant, and perfect for this time of year with the band's signature reggae fusion sound.

The leading single from the album is 'Rude,' which got to number one on the UK charts. It's a really catchy, feel good song, essentially describing wanting to marry a girl and her father not permitting this despite it being what she wants; thus: 'I'm gonna marry her anyway.' I love the reggae vibe, which is always more prominent and popular in the summer, so it was the perfect time for the song to be released (very strategic lolz). It's spreading a pretty good message too I suppose, because people are very rude these days and it's not cool kids.

I talked about 'Don't Kill The Magic' in both my summer soundtrack post and my July favourites as well. So if you'd like to have a read of those, they're linked.

'One Woman One Man' is such a pretty ballad (hahahh ballads, help). It's literally stunning and I think something a lot of people can relate to, perhaps women/girls more so because it's sort of angled from a female perspective at points. The title of the song immediately reminded me of 'No Woman, No Cry' by Bob Marley, especially with the band's reggae feel. I think this is probably my favourite song on the album, with few instruments, focusing completely on the somewhat heartbreaking lyrics. So. Pretty.

'Mama Didn't Raise No Fool' is another favourite. It's very upbeat and I really love the drum line in this. I like the message of the song: the concept of being taught certain things relating to people by your mother and looking to find yourself and develop who you are on your own. It feels like quite an old song, like the sort of stuff my parents used to listen to whilst I was growing up and so it feels quite nostalgic to me.

I love 'Let Your Hair Down;' it's easily one of my favourite songs on the album. It's quite a calming song, with limited instrumentation too, seemingly really focusing the song on the lyrics. 'You are elegance and freedom and everything I know' is one of my favourite lines of all the songs. It's such a beautiful ballad.

I think 'How Do You Want To Be Remembered' is the perfect concluding song on the album. The lyrics are about being remembered and it feels like some sort of subliminal message, like, how are you going to remember this album (that's probably just me (too analytical)). It's definitely a thoughtful song and it makes the listener think: how do YOU want to be remembered? It's such a relaxed sounding song though, like it's something I don't feel pressured into thinking about, it just comes naturally. And that's the best way a song can ask you a question, because essentially you feel like you already know the answer without thinking too deeply. I love this song.

This is such a strong and well completed album, and I've been listening to it so much since it's release. It charted in the top twenty in the UK, very deservingly and I hope that more and more people will check out this band as they're such a refreshing blast from the past but developed in a really modern way. The balance is perfect and I think older generations will be able to connect with Magic's music just as well as younger people. Would love to see them at a festival as I think the atmosphere would be wonderful.

Here's a link to their album on iTunes if you'd like to have a listen yourself :)

Until next time.

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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Pixie Lott: album review

I'm not sure if there's anyone who actually reads my blog regularly, but if you've read any of it before, you might be aware that I'm a fan of Pixie Lott. I actually really don't like the majority of female singers' voices (although I'm not even sure why), but Pixie's is just something else. It's very distinct, and I always recognise it, even if there's just a song playing very softly in a shop.

I have been waiting in anticipation of Pixie's third album for a very, very long time. I can remember back when Turn It Up and Young Foolish Happy both came out and I'm so, so glad that the third album has finally been released. This album is self-titled, which is usually something artists only do for their first albums, but Pixie has stated that she thinks that this album gives the best representation of her, and thus it makes perfect sense why she would use her name for the album.

I was actually really nervous to listen to the album, simply because I've been longing to hear it for so long and I wasn't really sure what to expect overall. But I'm honestly in love with it. There are a few real stand out tracks for me that I knew would be my favourites after listening to the track previews on iTunes. This is literally so much more than I had hoped for, and I just feel that this album is literally Pixie in musical form. There are a lot of motown influences and I love how she's mixed her prominent pop sound, that's been her niche for over five years, with the music that she's loved her whole life. This album is something really special in my eyes and I hope that other people will enjoy it too.

Nasty (video)

The album opens with its leading single, Nasty, which was released back in March. I did a blog post on the single (here) and another blog post on the single signing (here) which I was lucky enough to attend. I still really love this song and it always picks me up and puts me in a good mood. It's just fun.

Lay Me Down (video)

Lay Me Down was the second single from the album, released just over a week ago. The video for this song is so timeless, with real 60s influences, including Brigitte Bardot and the likes. It was shot in the gorgeous sun in the south of France. The song is really catchy and I find myself singing/humming it all the time. I really love the acoustic session Pixie did for this song too, which you can watch here. It highlights her flawless vocals and makes the song sound even more relaxing. Definitely a great summer song.

Break Up Song

I really like the instrumentation in Break Up Song. It has a very distinct motown sound, something that features a lot on this album. It's very relaxed despite what the lyrics convey and I think that's why it works so well. It's essentially saying, we're breaking up, but let's just get out everything we've never said but always wanted to. It's like the idea of reliving the beginning of a relationship at the end of it??? If that makes sense. I just think it sounds pretty.


This song is about winning someone over, perhaps when seemingly in competition with someone else. I really love the little bit of commentary in the middle, it makes it seem quite sports orientated, like the person who they're fighting for is the prize, like a cup at the end of a football match or whatever. The drums at the beginning feel like someone's warming up to start a match. I don't know, I can just hear loads of sporting influences in this song and I really like it, like the element of competition in sports is being put into love. It's different, and I really like it.

Kill a Man

The opening of Kill a Man is so YES. The organ and then it just jumps into the song with the drums. It's. So. Good. It's quite a sassy song, like, no boy gon mess with me. It's essentially asserting female power over a man and I think that's pretty darn important in modern day society. It's showing that maybe men are physically stronger, but a woman can kill you with her words and her actions without any kind of violence. You can really hear the 60s influences in this song as well, and that's actually the time that the feminist movement got serious, so I think this song would've been really fitting during that era, but still encompasses everything that happened back then and it's essentially still happening now. Probably not the intention of the song, but I feel that lolz.

Ain't Got You

Ain't Got You was an immediate favourite of mine after first listening to the album previews and I really do love it. It's a really pretty ballad, with a very regretful and nostalgic tone. I've listened to this song so many times already. I like that it shows that women can hurt men's feelings as well, and they're not made of steel like they often attempt to convey: 'when I look into your eyes, all I see now are the tears that you cry.' The lyrics describe the regret from pushing someone away and hurting their feelings, which ultimately caused the relationship to end, and now the person is wanting to take it all back. The instrumentation really reminds me of another song but I can't put my finger on what song that actually is. I love this one.

Heart Cry (video)

Heart Cry was released on youtube in December last year as a little something to get everyone more excited for the album and it did exactly that. Pixie shot the video in Paris and it's flawless, introducing the new sound in the perfect location. The lyrics are great, and really different from any I can think of that I've heard before and that's always rather refreshing. I like this song a lot and it reminds me of the real beginning of the album hype.

Ocean (acoustic video)

I love the lyrics of Ocean and it feels like the song is a ride on a boat across the ocean, like I can feel the waves going up and down as the song progresses (maybe that's just me I don't know). It kind of expresses how emotions can feel like an ocean, like some sort of never ending abyss that you've created by yourself and can't get out of. I really like the acoustic version that Pixie did of this song with just her and an acoustic guitar; I think it really brings out the meaning and evokes relevant emotions even more.

Raise Up

I think Raise Up is probably my favourite song on the album, because it's not about love or heartbreak, but about something I personally find far more difficult: self-belief. The song focuses on constantly trying to overcome obstacles, whether they're in the form of another person or something you think you can't do; it's about not giving up hope. 'The more that you stop me the faster I run, it's never that easy but I know I'll overcome.' I really get this: if someone tells me straight up, 'you can't do this,' I'll try all I can to do it. 'When I fall from grace, when I'm feeling out of place: I raise up,' is my favourite line, probably on the whole album, in particular the 'feeling out of place' part, because it's something I feel a lot and have to try and deal with. This is just the song that I personally connect with the most and I think the message is really important. And it's a ballad and just beautiful. I'm really thankful for this song.


I really love all of the drumming on this album but I love it in this song most. Obviously, with the song being titled bang it's really emphasising the onomatopoeia what with the constant banging of the drums, especially when the word 'bang' is sung. I think this song would've been a great one to end the album on, with the lyric 'at least we can we went out with a bang,' or maybe that's kind of lame. I don't know. This is just a fun, upbeat song and I wanna sing it at the top of my lungs and annoy my neighbours haha.

Leaving You

The piano in this ballad is really pretty, as are the backing vocals, and, of course, Pixie's own beautiful vocals. This song is very reminiscent, remembering all of the good times in a relationship that ultimately has to end. It's essentially about not wanting to leave someone but knowing it's the best thing for both of you given your circumstances. There's a glimmer of hope for the future, which adds a little bit more emotional stability to the lyrics. It's just so pretty gaaaaaa.

Cry and Smile

Cry and Smile is a stunning song with so much meaning. Pixie wrote this song after the passing of her grandmother, and the song expresses her feelings given this event. It's so heartfelt and you can hear so many emotions in her voice. This is probably the most special song on the album, just because it's so personal to Pixie. 'I guess all good things must end' makes it seem like the right song to end the album with. It's really beautiful, and I love the middle eight, where the tone of the song changes slightly, lifting it up a bit more, then belting out the final chorus.

I am so, so happy with this album. I think it's been worth the wait of about two and a half years, and I really like the direction Pixie's music is going in, with her getting the blend of old and new just right. The motown influences mixed with Pixie's modern pop sound is so easy on the ears and works even better than I could have hoped.

Would highly recommend checking out this album, as it's got that something special that pushes it out from all the other music circulating at the moment.

You can check it out on iTunes right here and be sure to let me know what you think :)

Until next time.

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Monday, 4 August 2014

Tuna salad recipe

One of my favourite meals, all year round, but especially in summer, is tuna salad. I mentioned how much I've been eating it recently in my July favourites post, and by golly I really do love it. It is so simple and quick to make, taking only about fifteen minutes. It's both healthy and filling, and I really love it. I know that there are quite a lot of people who don't like tuna but I'm sure it would work fine if you substituted something else in its place, like small, chopped up chunks of chicken (or maybe even tiny strips of bacon omG (although that would probably take longer to prepare, unless you bought the meat already cooked)).

Ingredients for two people:
> 1/3 an iceberg lettuce
> 1/2 a cucumber
> 2 average sized carrots
> 200g tuna (easiest in can)
> 3 tablespoons mayonnaise
> 1 teaspoon golden syrup
> 1/2 a lemon
> a pinch of salt and pepper

Making the dressing:
1. Juice the lemon
2. Put lemon juice, mayonnaise, golden syrup and salt and pepper into a bowl and stir thoroughly until it becomes a smooth, slightly thick, liquid

1. Wash and dry the lettuce leaves, tearing them into small pieces and place in large bowl
2. Cut up cucumber into thin slices and then quarter those slices, placing them into large bowl
3. Peel carrots, cut off ends and grate, also placing them into large bowl
4. Drain the tuna, then using a fork to mash it up (that doesn't sound like the right term at all but I hope you understand lolz), then adding it to the large bowl
5. Add the dressing into the large bowl and mix everything together well
6. (optional) Place salad in fridge for 10-20 minutes to serve cool

That's literally it.
I'm so lazy when it comes to making food, so I find this lil recipe super handy when I really can't be bothered (most of the time). I'm the type of person who eats whilst making food if it's taking too long (oops (no regrets)). But yeah, this takes so little time and tastes sO darn good (if you like fish), so I hope that someone somewhere might like it too :)

Until next time.

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