Monday, 1 September 2014

August photo diary

I've put up quite a few posts recently that have really lacked on pictures, and so I thought I'd show you some snaps I've taken on my phone over the past month. They really aren't very summery considering it's August oops. I don't even think to take pictures of things that are somewhat everyday to me, which meant some days there were a bunch of pictures and others there were none, but I tried, and I'm sure a lot of people do all sorts of different things to me all the time, so I'll share these with you anyway :)

Here's my dog on the 1st of the month ready to go for a walk (really, really early).

(I love Nickelback (8:43 in the morning?!?!??? (how annoying is the crack-y bit down the middle of my ipod))).

Started the month with pastel purple nails.

Fields/woods nearby to where I live; my dog loves it there.

Went up to Banbury on canal day and completely forgot about the whole picture thing until we were about to leave, so no pretty canal pictures, but here's a real nice ice cream (cookies and cream/vanilla gaaaa).

Pretty sunset sky whilst waiting at road works.

OOTD (ft toe hole in tights damn it).

Books, books, Coldplay, woo.

I cleared out my room and found a notes sheet for a geography presentation that my best friend, Charlie, and I must have done in about year eight (I made her do the majority of the talking (not much has changed in five/six years)).

OOTD x2 (ft marks on uncleaned mirror).

Staple yellow nails for August.

Music for walking over to my friend Emma's for a get-together the evening before results day.

Just about died when I saw this.

My lovely best friend, Chloe, brought round a bunch of my favourite flowers as a congratulations (she's the cutest ever).

And my mum got me this card (which apparently she's had for months bless her).

Rain happened and it was wonderful.

I follow rmdrk on instagram and I've loved so many of the quotes he's posted this month (they're very relatable), so these are a few of my favourites.

I got new glasses so here's an attractive face featuring them (I actually got two pairs because my sight is bad in multiple ways (I think there's a picture with the others, we'll see)).

Evening walks aka main reason for living.

Went out to Pizza Express for a meal with my family (I'm not great at taking pictures of food (you just gotta eat it ya know).

Running errands for my great aunt (took a waitrose bag into sainsburys oh the controversy).

Reading glasses (oh there they are (with another attractive face (you're welcome))) and Ryan the rhino.

The stars were particularly visible one night so I went out to watch them, with this creepy solar powered owl that my mum loves (and my dog).

Another dog walk, another field.

Went out on a cinema date with a few pals (believe it or not I straightened my hair about two hours prior to this picture (damn those ruthless curls always wanting to be seen)).

Probably my favourite part of John Green's Paper Towns.

FOTD/OOTD for a day of errands/doctors/dentists in and around Oxford with my mum.

Did some gardening for my great aunt (left it looking hella fine) and OOTD for thaaat.

Ended the month with a trip into Oxford with my mum to buy far too many things for uni/birthdays/family members etc (my arms were aching beyond belief by the time we were on the bus back to the park and ride). Carried too many books for too long (thanks for being the most convenient starting point, Blackwells, thanks a bunch).

George St/Magdalen/Broad St/Cornmarket cross roads.


Took the country roads home because traffic is bad all the time on the main roads near where we live (the clouds look like they form a halo).

And the month was rounded off with a roast dinner (a great way to end anything (no visual evidence because you just have to eat the food, there's no time for pictures)).

Until next time.

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