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Don't Kill The Magic: MAGIC! - review

After listening to MAGIC!'s song 'Don't Kill The Magic' a few months ago, I've been a little bit obsessed with their music. Their debut album, of the same name, was released last Monday in the UK (04.08.2014). The band are from Toronto, Canada and hoped to be something of a "modern-day Police." I think this album is brilliant, and perfect for this time of year with the band's signature reggae fusion sound.

The leading single from the album is 'Rude,' which got to number one on the UK charts. It's a really catchy, feel good song, essentially describing wanting to marry a girl and her father not permitting this despite it being what she wants; thus: 'I'm gonna marry her anyway.' I love the reggae vibe, which is always more prominent and popular in the summer, so it was the perfect time for the song to be released (very strategic lolz). It's spreading a pretty good message too I suppose, because people are very rude these days and it's not cool kids.

I talked about 'Don't Kill The Magic' in both my summer soundtrack post and my July favourites as well. So if you'd like to have a read of those, they're linked.

'One Woman One Man' is such a pretty ballad (hahahh ballads, help). It's literally stunning and I think something a lot of people can relate to, perhaps women/girls more so because it's sort of angled from a female perspective at points. The title of the song immediately reminded me of 'No Woman, No Cry' by Bob Marley, especially with the band's reggae feel. I think this is probably my favourite song on the album, with few instruments, focusing completely on the somewhat heartbreaking lyrics. So. Pretty.

'Mama Didn't Raise No Fool' is another favourite. It's very upbeat and I really love the drum line in this. I like the message of the song: the concept of being taught certain things relating to people by your mother and looking to find yourself and develop who you are on your own. It feels like quite an old song, like the sort of stuff my parents used to listen to whilst I was growing up and so it feels quite nostalgic to me.

I love 'Let Your Hair Down;' it's easily one of my favourite songs on the album. It's quite a calming song, with limited instrumentation too, seemingly really focusing the song on the lyrics. 'You are elegance and freedom and everything I know' is one of my favourite lines of all the songs. It's such a beautiful ballad.

I think 'How Do You Want To Be Remembered' is the perfect concluding song on the album. The lyrics are about being remembered and it feels like some sort of subliminal message, like, how are you going to remember this album (that's probably just me (too analytical)). It's definitely a thoughtful song and it makes the listener think: how do YOU want to be remembered? It's such a relaxed sounding song though, like it's something I don't feel pressured into thinking about, it just comes naturally. And that's the best way a song can ask you a question, because essentially you feel like you already know the answer without thinking too deeply. I love this song.

This is such a strong and well completed album, and I've been listening to it so much since it's release. It charted in the top twenty in the UK, very deservingly and I hope that more and more people will check out this band as they're such a refreshing blast from the past but developed in a really modern way. The balance is perfect and I think older generations will be able to connect with Magic's music just as well as younger people. Would love to see them at a festival as I think the atmosphere would be wonderful.

Here's a link to their album on iTunes if you'd like to have a listen yourself :)

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