Thursday, 14 August 2014

Song of the week #1

Since I've been doing a lot of music posts recently, and they're something I really enjoy writing, I thought I'd make them something of a weekly occurrence with a 'song of the week.' It won't necessarily be every week, but I'll post them a couple of times a month. They'll be songs that I've listened to a lot throughout the week and really like hearing.

The first song on the bill is 'Thunder' by Boys Like Girls.

Until a few of weeks ago I'd never actually listened to Boys Like Girls, just having heard that one or two people I know liked them, but this song was in the background of a youtube video I was watching and I wasn't paying any attention to the content of the actual video, instead just focusing on the song. I'm one of those people who googles lyrics, pretty much all the time, to find songs I've heard. I've got about ten tabs open on my phone at all times with songs I've found that I want to listen to again. And this was one of them.

The title of the song, with reference to the weather, is always topical. It's been really warm for a while in the UK and my oh my have I been missing the rain, so the bit of stormy weather we've had just this past day or two has been wooooonderful; I find it so calming and I always sleep best when it's tipping it down/there's a storm brewing on. Thunder is a really calming song and so has the same effect on me as actual thunder. However in this song, the band aren't just discussing the weather, but personifying the weather and comparing it to a person. The lyrics also refer to the season, 'your voice was the soundtrack of my summer,' thus adding further relevance to the current situation. I love a good rock ballad and this is such a great one. The chorus features some really pretty lyrics with 'your eyes are the brightest of all the colours,' and 'you'll always be my thunder, so bring on the rain.'

I've listened to this song so many times in this past week and I've discovered yet another band that I like in Boys Like Girls. I really didn't expect to like their music in all honesty, but I was very pleasantly surprised by what I've heard and equally very pleased. They're a very current band, especially with something of a rock revolution which has been edging on at the moment. Rock music seems to be making a comeback in chart music and bands like this go to show that rock really isn't all about the 'heavy metal' stereotype, but can be whatever a band makes of it with the instruments they have.

Here's a link to the song on youtube.

Until next time.

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