Monday, 18 August 2014

Things school didn't teach me

Bank accounts??????
Everything important ever?????????
Preeeeeetty much.

Now that I've finished school it's come to my attention how few things it's actually taught me. Apparently trigonometry was really important (I think that's the one with the triangles), but real life maths, including things like taxes were never even mentioned. And the thing is, we're just expected to know about all these things???? Even though they've never even been mentioned to us????? Let alone fully addressed?????? I worry about our education system.

You don't learn a thing about sex ed until year six when you're 10/11; that's kind of dumb. Sure, most parents will have at least explained something by then, but let's be real, kids need to know the facts of life early on. Maybe it'll destroy their innocence, sure, but maybe it'll equip them for the future, which realistically is the whole point of educating people.

I still don't fully understand how all the different types of bank accounts work; I've just got one as of now so as to keep from confusing myself. What I struggle to understand more than anything, is why these kinds of things aren't even mentioned briefly at school, because really, this is the kind of thing you'll actually pay attention to, because it's actually important, unlike how to estimate the mass of a star or something like that. But yeah, my bank sent me a message (or maybe it was actually a letter idk) saying that they were changing my account type and I don't know how they knew to change it or what, but they just decided to do it, whatever. I don't get any of it. I don't see how it's any different than it was before (there's still practically no money in it so it doesn't really effect me right now lolz).

I know that my parents did have a mortgage a while back, but I never really understood what it was or what it meant until like a year ago. So that was interesting to hear about/scary because in future I'll probably end up needing one and being even more confused than I already am. Whoop.

It's kind of annoying that politics isn't taught because studying subjects like history you're literally just expected to understand it all and know everything. I remember starting GCSE history in year 10 and hearing 'left wing' and 'right wing' and wondering if the teacher was talking about a plane or a bird or something. To be honest I still forget what left and right are in the political sense (you'd think I'd remember with the amount of times I've googled it for essays). Like, obviously I get that they don't want to influence future decisions on who we vote for (although let's be real, they kind of do want to), but at least outline the basic facts.

Something that they don't actually teach in school anymore is how to work as a team. When I was in primary school I'm pretty sure they did, but nowadays, they do not. I help out at a brownie unit with thirty odd 7-10 year old girls and they cannot work in teams to save their lives. It's awful. They're literally just all out for themselves. They're never gonna get anywhere in life like that. So teamwork needs to be brought back. As well as this, there's often a lacking in competition, like, nowadays it's all 'everyone's a winner' and so children aren't actually prepared to deal with losing, which, I gotta tell ya, happens a LOT in life. And if they can't deal with losing as kids, then they'll only end up throwing a paddy when they get older and at that point nobody's gonna wanna deal with their crap, so they'll end up losing a hell of a lot more.

Kids are annoying.

I think it'd also be useful if there was some sort of education given about jobs and how to compile a decent CV. There are so many jobs available these days that hardly anyone even knows exist. Educate us now, and maybe we'll be prepared to take them on in the future, because someone's going to have to do them. And obviously if you can't write a convincing CV or make a strong application for a job, then it's unlikely a company will make any contact with you regarding any kind of job.

The last thing I think needs to be taught properly in schools is first aid. I know some parents teach their kids this themselves, but to be honest there are a lot of parents who don't know much first aid themselves. I learnt about first aid when I was about seven for a badge when I was a brownie and so that set me up pretty well with just the basics, which is all people really need to know; basic CPR and what to do in certain situations that are fairly common. I think we had a little school trip to a local hospital in year six where they taught us a few bits, but nothing major. I actually took a rookie lifeguard course when I was about twelve as well, so that just refreshed it all in my memory and gave me further knowledge. I think this is one of those things that's really important because it could potentially be life and death.

So those are some things that I think I should have, but did not learn in school that worry me rather a lot and have me doing endless google searches in hope of someday managing to properly understand.

If there are other things you think you should have learnt at school or you want your children to be taught then let me know, because the chances are I'll agree with you and just didn't think about it before hand.

Until next time.

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