Saturday, 27 September 2014

Happy songs

After my sad songs post I thought about how miserable I would appear if I didn't do a happy songs post to even things out. I think life is all about balance, with good and bad, happy and sad, black and white etc, and so I thought I'd share some of my favourite happier, more uplifting songs with you. Given, I do listen to them less often than the sadder ones, but I still love these a lot, and they always cheer me up and often make me feel more motivated.

Here's a playlist of all the songs for anyone who's interested: playlist

1. Lift Me Up - Kate Voegele

2. September - Earth Wind and Fire (the ultimate favourite)

3. What Makes You Beautiful - The Piano Guys

4. Tonight You're Perfect - New Politics

5. Alone Together - Fall Out Boy

6. Smile - Mcfly

7. Unbelievable - Halfway To Hollywood

8. She's All That - Hollywood Ending

9. Kill A Man - Pixie Lott

10. We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off - Jermaine Stewart

11. Gotta Be Somebody - Nickelback

12. You Won't Feel a Thing - The Script

13. The Great Escape - Boys Like Girls

14. Another Girl Another Planet - Blink-182

15. Girls Do What They Want - The Maine

16. Endlessly - The Cab

17. Soldier - Before You Exit

18. Fill A Heart - Tori Kelly

19. American Idiot - Green Day

20. You Make It Real - James Morrison

21. If These Sheets Were States - All Time Low

22. Dancing at the Terminal - The Icarus Account

23. Happily - One Direction

24. Photograph - Ed Sheeran

25. Notbroken - Goo Goo Dolls

26. Move Along - The All-American Rejects

27. My Wish - Rascal Flatts

28. Collide - Howie Day

29. Second Star To The Right - Canary Swing

30. We Believe - Good Charlotte

31. Still Into You - Paramore

32. Waiting For a Star to Fall - Boy Meets Girl

33. Stacy's Mom - Fountains Of Wayne

34. Favorite Girl - The Icarus Account

35. Close - Lewis Watson

36. I Get Around - The Beach Boys

37. Disconnected - 5 Seconds of Summer

38. Picture Of You - Boyzone

39. Crash and Burn - Busted

40. Rockstar - A Great Big World

41. When You Were Young - The Killers

42. High Hopes - The Vamps

43. We Built This City - Starship

44. Sweet Child o' Mine - Guns N' Roses

45. This Time - John Legend

46. Everybody Talks - Neon Trees

47. Somebody - Paighton

48. Everywhere You Go - Lawson

49. Teenage Dream - Katy Perry

50. Flying Without Wings - Westlife

Ugh Westlife, sigh. I play that song on the sax and I love it so hard.

That's a lot more than I thought there would be, but hey, I guess that's never a bad thing. Hope you like some of these, feel free to let me know which, as I'd love to know. Also if there are any other songs that never fail to put you in a good mood, be sure to tell me know too.

Until next time.

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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Song of the week #3

In the last few months I've started listening to a band called Hollywood Ending. I really like the majority of their songs, but the one I've been listening to the most recently has been 'Good Time Girl.' I think my favourite thing about the band is that their songs are fairly upbeat and generally just fun, which is something we all need to hear every now and again. This song's actually quite a bit slower than a few of their others, and is more of a ballad (considering I like it, what's new).

I like that it's kind of a love ballad but it's not too gooey, if that makes sense? Sometimes this type of song just gets a bit too cliche and overly lovey dovey, which I'm not a massive fan of. Essentially the lyrics make it more about finding someone who's like you and likes the things you like, rather than fantasising over some sort of stereotypically perfect girl.

To me I hear it as quite a summery song, just because I've listened to it mostly towards the end of the summer. The song was released on the band's Anywhere ep, in April, along with six other songs. You can check that out on iTunes here if you'd like to.

Hollywood Ending actually supported McBusted on the second half of their UK tour earlier in the year, with lead guitarist, Chris, being James Bourne's younger brother. Unfortunately the McBusted tour date I attended was earlier on and so I didn't get to see them (and wouldn't have even if they had been there as we couldn't get into London until very late that evening ughhh).

However, the band are touring in the UK through late-October and early-November, so I'm hoping I'm not busy the night they're in Birmingham and can get a ticket to the show. You can find tickets here if you'd like to check them out live.

Until next time.

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Friday, 19 September 2014

Blenheim Palace

You may or may not know that I am from the county of Oxfordshire in England, and one of my favourite places ever is within that very county. I haven't been there in so long, and so Mum and I thought we'd take a little trip before I headed off to university.

Blenheim Palace is one of those places that you never forget once you've been there. It is stunning far beyond any words I can come up with. I am utterly in love with every part of it.

And I was actually in Blenheim house at school in year 13 so there's an extra bit of sentimentality about the place now.

I just love it, completely, entirely and unconditionally.

We didn't have time to go around the whole palace and gardens in the one day, as we had to be home in time for other events in the evening, however the great thing about Blenheim is, once you've bought a day ticket, you can convert it into an annual pass for free. I think this is so useful, especially since we live so close by and can easily go back any time. We're already planning our next visit!

Unfortunately my dad had left the camera on a strange setting so a lot of the photos I took turned out far too dark to make out properly, and there was also no flash photography inside so there weren't any good pictures from there, buuuut here's some of the better photos I took:

Starting things off with an ootd, duh. It looked like it would be so cold in the morning, but the jumper turned out to be a mistake and it ended up being so warm.

You can buy your tickets using Tesco clubcard points just in case anyone's interested in going but not wanting to spend loads of money visiting (that's what we did!) It's also cheaper for students if you can provide some sort of id.

I found an odd couple of indoor pictures on my phone, so here those are.

The library was my idea of heaven.

We then went and ate lunch in a little cafe near the entrance called the Oxfordshire Pantry, where we had paninis and studied the brochure, plotting our route through the gardens.

I love being by water so the lake is my favourite place on the whole estate, and it's huge.

The rose garden was gorgeous.

We got on the little palace train to go over to the pleasure gardens where the maze and butterfly house were.

As beautiful as all the butterflies were, it's safe to say Mum and me were left somewhat traumatised by the butterfly house. Neither of us are really fans of having things flying around our heads anyway, but a really creepy looking butterfly decided to land on Mum's bum... yeah. She was so panicked and I didn't want to knock it off of her, so luckily a nice man pushed it off for her, but as he crouched down to look at it and brush it away, he said, 'oh goodness, it's a big one!' and a lady behind us literally thought he was just looking at Mum's bum, so there was a lot of laughter. We left the butterfly house soon after to avoid another fit of giggles.

The last thing we did at the palace was get lost in the maze; literally. At one point we actually managed to lose each other, but luckily met up again shortly after. We must have been in there for a good half an hour negotiating our way around.

I would recommend a visit to Blenheim Palace to anyone from anywhere if you can get there, because I think it's just so worth it, and there's so much history to learn about. The staff are all friendly and helpful, and make the whole experience even more enjoyable. I can't wait to get back!

Until next time.

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Monday, 15 September 2014

No Sound Without Silence: The Script - review

My oh my do I love this band.

The Script are a band that I cannot tire of and I could honestly listen to forever. It's kind of strange because I'll always end up listening to music by other artists much more, but then one of their songs will come on shuffle and I'll just feel so secure, like it's a reminder that the music's always there. Their music is instrumentally and lyrically phenomenal. The songs remind me of contemporary fables, with real meaning twisted through the melodies, intertwined with the harmonies and catchy bass lines. They're a band who are really special to me.

I actually saw them live back in March 2013 on their #3 tour and it was just wonderful. The passion they put into their performances is something truly beautiful to be able to witness, and you just feel like they try and play every show like it's their last. I just remember being in awe and stunned by the quality and rawness of the sound. Definitely a band to see live if you haven't.

This album though. Oh my.

No Sound Without Sound is The Script's fourth album and it's just as good as those that came before. I feel like they're a band with never ending longevity, literally they could just continue telling their story through music until the end of time and I would gladly listen, as would many others I'm sure. I think I could talk about every song on this album endlessly, so here's as condensed a track-by-track as I can bring myself to compose:

No Good in Goodbye

The Script are a band who never fail to give me goosebumps, and this is such an amazing song to kick off the album with. I love the instrumental introduction, in particular the simple, but very effective, electric guitar line. I love the use of questions in the chorus; it sort of makes you think about your own answers to them. 'Where's the good in goodbye?' A lot of the time saying goodbye really isn't good, and so why do we say it like that? The song's made me wonder. 'Every word I try to choose, either way I'm gonna lose,' is such a good line; sometimes nothing you can say will change things and I think this song really reiterates how little control we have over things sometimes. It's a really beautiful start to the album.


Superheroes is such a great choice of leading single. It's a real feel good song, with a somewhat sullen beginning, but many, many glimmers of hope leading into an inspirational chorus. I love how The Script just want to spread positive messages regarding life; it gets tough but you can carry on. I think that they're such an important band in that sense, as a lot of others focus on other things, but The Script are just about being the best you can be, and I think it's quite vital that people hear that really. 'She's stronger than you know,' is probably my favourite line. I think the song depicts how people are constantly underestimated in this day and age. It's important that you can know what you're capable of even if no one else believes in you.

Man on a Wire

When I listened to the preview of this a few weeks ago I wasn't really that keen on this song, but the moment I pressed play on the full song I fell in love with it. It's such a pretty song. It's essentially about going out on a limb and taking risks with the metaphor of a 'man on a wire'/tightrope, and the idea that you could fall at any time. In this sense it's about trying not to keep falling for another person, but to get over them and 'keep walking to keep me from falling down.' I love how intricate The Script's lyrical metaphors always are, they put so much thought and detail into all of their songs. And I like that it doesn't sound at all like a heartbreak kind of song, but it's more about looking to the future and moving on. A strong favourite of mine.

It's Not Right for You

If there's anything that this band are, it's honest. They give life lessons through their music and this song is no exception. It's a reminder that you should love and enjoy everything you do, and if you don't then it's not what you should be doing. 'If you even have to think about it, it's not right for you' is both the hook and one of my favourite lines, along with 'you've got one life to love what you do.' I think a lot of people think that due to the tone of their music, The Script aren't necessarily a positive or uplifting band; but if you think that then you're really not listening properly. Because songs like this are so vital to remind people that what they do matters, maybe to other people, but most of all it should matter to yourself. And if it doesn't make you happy then it's probably not worth it. I particularly love the drum beat in this song: it's so simple but I think it fits perfectly.

The Energy Never Dies

The chorus of this song has the most beautiful, inspiring lyrics. It's about how 'time's a ticking bomb,' and none of us know when it's all going to be over, so we should make the most of it whilst we can. And I absolutely adore this message. 'Love will carry on' and 'the energy never dies' are the kind of thoughts that I think people forget about. It might seem like the end, but really everything just continues, through death, and love, and heartache; the world doesn't stop. And I think sometimes we all just think we're a bit more important than we really are in the whole system of life. The truth is we're just living it, and what happens is down to us; and this song really drums that in (maybe even literally because the drumbeat is so strong and powerful in this and I loooove it).


Hope. The lyrics in this song are initially some of the saddest, and then the chorus is so stunningly hopeful. The piano is so simple and pretty, yet the minor key is so tragic, and I love how these elements have been combined, and again with the tone of Danny's voice. It sounds like such a carefully put together song, so much so that it might even break whilst you're listening. It's sad but it's hopeful, and I like how despite the fact it could have been one of the saddest songs I can think of, it isn't.

Army of Angels

All the heart eyes in the whole world. As people we are so dependent on other people, as much as we might think we're not and we can do it all by ourselves, we really can't (damnit). And this song shows how when other believe in us, it literally feel like you've got an army behind you, backing you up and letting you know that you can do whatever it is you want to do, and they'll be there if you ever fall back a little. 'When love's a battle and life's a war,' fully explains how tough life can feel sometimes, but battles end, and so do even the longest of wars. I love the extended metaphor of war throughout the song as well, with an army and bullets, fighting and the idea of being cornered. The song expresses how, with the help of others, you can get out of the corner.

Never Seen Anything "Quite Like You"

I love the intro of this song, just with the piano and acoustic guitar, gradually working up with the voice and then harmony, and violin. I think the musical textures in The Script's songs are my favourite thing overall, how they build up and the sound slowly crescendos or suddenly dips. This is a very pretty ballad, that I honestly thought would be a bit too soppy for me to like, but this band never seem to take it too far into the gooey stuff and I like that. It's a song of pure adoration for every state of a person. It's a love song that only mentions the word 'love' twice, very briefly, and it mentions it only at that one instance 'for this love's more than love,' so they need not say anything further. With lines like that it's really easy to integrate them into what I'm saying. Ugh, this band is so darn good and useful.

Paint the Town Green

This song really embraces so many elements of the band's culture and their country of Ireland, and it's done in a way that I find quite interesting to listen to. It's the kind of song I feel like you'd expect to hear at a parade, with a classic Irish sounding riff at the heart of it, which I adore. It's sort of about taking your heritage with you everywhere you go, and essentially not forgetting who you are and how you became that person. The instrumentation is definitely my favourite part of this song, I love how well it's all put together; the combination of sounds just makes me feel really happy when I hear them altogether.

Without Those Songs

I actually think about the message encased into this song all the time, so I'm kind of amazed that The Script have turned it into a song and genuinely made it one of 'those songs' for me. I'm quite blown away by it in all honesty. I always think about what musicians might be like if they didn't write the songs they did; like, would they be the same person, or would they just have been much more successful at another thing? Would they have just been another person? I think this is probably my favourite song on the album, mainly because I was just so awestruck by it.

Hail Rain or Sunshine

Okay maybe I spoke too soon because I've just remembered how much I love this song. Ughhh too many favourites. 'We laugh through it all' is pretty much the story of my life, I literally just laugh my way through everything. And I think it's important to do that. Make the best of every situation, even if you're laughing at how crappy everything is; laughter makes everything feel a little bit better. I don't think I actually have anything else to really say about this song. I just love it and I think if you listen to it you'll probably understand why. It's happy. And it's nice.

Howl at the Moon

The tone of this song is so yesssss. I am in love. It really reminds me of the tone of another song by I can't remember what it's called; it's an instrumental piece, but the tone is just so similar and sounds really, really familiar to me. I just find the lyrics that The Script compose so incredible, like when I think about how little meaning so many other artists put into their songs in comparison it's like wowza; this band really know what they're doing. Everything is just stunning.

This album is quite frankly sensational. I am completely blown away, as I expected I would be. The Script never fail to up their game, and I'm honestly so impressed by that.

You can check the album out on iTunes here and I highly recommend you do. The band are also going on tour soon, so be sure to check them out when they come near you because they are so, soooo amazing live; I'll definitely be getting down to a gig if I can.

Let me know what you think of The Script and this album, I'd love to know.

Until next time.

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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Sad songs

I love sad songs way more than it's probably healthy to.

Sad songs, and in particular, sad ballads.

As heartbreaking as the lyrics often are, I find a lot of comfort in them. Maybe it's a reminder that other people get sad too, or some form of emotional outlet. I don't know, but about 80% of the time I think I'd rather listen to sad songs than happier ones. There's usually more meaning encased in them, I think that's what it is. You can tell when the words are personal and you can often empathise with the artist or band. And, I don't know, I think you can learn a lot about yourself in sadder songs. It's difficult to explain, but anyway, I thought I'd share a few of my favourite sad songs, because as miserable as it may sound, I really love them.

I've made a playlist of all the songs for easy listening on youtube which you can watch here if you'd like to.

1. I Can't Make You Love Me/Nick of Time - Bon Iver

2. The Scientist - Coldplay

3. If It Means a Lot to You - A Day To Remember

4. Mayday - The Icarus Account

5. Emotionless - Good Charlotte

6. Exit Wounds - The Script

7. All In My Head - Tori Kelly

8. Autumn Leaves - Ed Sheeran

9. Even Robots Need Blankets - Mayday Parade

10. I Miss You - Blink-182

11. The Pieces Don't Fit Anymore - James Morrison

12. Everybody Knows - John Legend

13. Yesterday - The Beatles

14. Just a Little Bit of Your Heart - Ariana Grande

15. It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday - Boyz II Men

16. With or Without You - U2

17. Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) - Green Day

18. Amnesia - 5 Seconds of Summer

19. You'll Never Know - Lawson

20. What About Today? - Lewis Watson

21. Stuck On You - New Politics

22. One Grain of Sand - Ron Pope

23. Umbrellas Away - Paighton

24. That's the Truth - Mcfly

25. Can't Make This Over - Pixie Lott

26. She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5

27. Remembering Sunday - All Time Low

28. Friend of a Friend - Foo Fighters

29. If Everyone Cared - Nickelback

30. The Mess I Made - Parachute

31. How to Save a Life - The Fray

32. I Don't Want To Be Here Anymore - Rise Against

33. All She Wrote - Ross Copperman

34. Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day

35. Roger Rabbit - Sleeping With Sirens

36. Not About Angels - Birdy

37. I Swear This Time I Mean It - Mayday Parade

38. Don't Walk Away - Sick Puppies

39. Crash - You Me At Six

40. I Should Have Known - Foo Fighters

I didn't mean for there to be this many oops (and there are still so many more hahah).


Hope you like some of these; I'm pretty reliant on them.

Until next time.

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