Friday, 19 September 2014

Blenheim Palace

You may or may not know that I am from the county of Oxfordshire in England, and one of my favourite places ever is within that very county. I haven't been there in so long, and so Mum and I thought we'd take a little trip before I headed off to university.

Blenheim Palace is one of those places that you never forget once you've been there. It is stunning far beyond any words I can come up with. I am utterly in love with every part of it.

And I was actually in Blenheim house at school in year 13 so there's an extra bit of sentimentality about the place now.

I just love it, completely, entirely and unconditionally.

We didn't have time to go around the whole palace and gardens in the one day, as we had to be home in time for other events in the evening, however the great thing about Blenheim is, once you've bought a day ticket, you can convert it into an annual pass for free. I think this is so useful, especially since we live so close by and can easily go back any time. We're already planning our next visit!

Unfortunately my dad had left the camera on a strange setting so a lot of the photos I took turned out far too dark to make out properly, and there was also no flash photography inside so there weren't any good pictures from there, buuuut here's some of the better photos I took:

Starting things off with an ootd, duh. It looked like it would be so cold in the morning, but the jumper turned out to be a mistake and it ended up being so warm.

You can buy your tickets using Tesco clubcard points just in case anyone's interested in going but not wanting to spend loads of money visiting (that's what we did!) It's also cheaper for students if you can provide some sort of id.

I found an odd couple of indoor pictures on my phone, so here those are.

The library was my idea of heaven.

We then went and ate lunch in a little cafe near the entrance called the Oxfordshire Pantry, where we had paninis and studied the brochure, plotting our route through the gardens.

I love being by water so the lake is my favourite place on the whole estate, and it's huge.

The rose garden was gorgeous.

We got on the little palace train to go over to the pleasure gardens where the maze and butterfly house were.

As beautiful as all the butterflies were, it's safe to say Mum and me were left somewhat traumatised by the butterfly house. Neither of us are really fans of having things flying around our heads anyway, but a really creepy looking butterfly decided to land on Mum's bum... yeah. She was so panicked and I didn't want to knock it off of her, so luckily a nice man pushed it off for her, but as he crouched down to look at it and brush it away, he said, 'oh goodness, it's a big one!' and a lady behind us literally thought he was just looking at Mum's bum, so there was a lot of laughter. We left the butterfly house soon after to avoid another fit of giggles.

The last thing we did at the palace was get lost in the maze; literally. At one point we actually managed to lose each other, but luckily met up again shortly after. We must have been in there for a good half an hour negotiating our way around.

I would recommend a visit to Blenheim Palace to anyone from anywhere if you can get there, because I think it's just so worth it, and there's so much history to learn about. The staff are all friendly and helpful, and make the whole experience even more enjoyable. I can't wait to get back!

Until next time.

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