Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Ed Sheeran x tour

Guess whose friends have been to stay again? I'm so happy we booked gigs for shortly after I moved, because it's given me something to really look forward to, rather than just constantly missing my two best friends.

Chloe and Charlie came up for Ed Sheeran on Sunday and it was SO GOOD. Ugh. I love Ed, so, so much and have been wanting to see him live for ages, so when he announced this tour we were on it straight away and bought tickets as soon as they came out. We've been excited for months. And I wrote a review of his latest album here a few months ago, if you're at all interested in checking that out.

I'd actually only seen Chloe two weeks before for The Vamps, and Charlie just over a week before for a lovely lunch date, but it still felt absolutely wonderful to be reunited with the two of them once again. A wonderful Chablo reunion. Only another two weeks until I'll be heading home and seeing them again.

Saint Raymond supported, and him and his band were really good and I think I'll be youtubing them very soon. They had a nice sound to them, with an alternative but current vibe.

Ed Sheeran though.


I knew it would be good but he just blew me away.

He came on stage quite early at eight-thirty, so whilst everyone around us was getting excited I thought it would just be another support act haha, but there he was, and oh my he was wonderful. He opened with I'm A Mess, which is one of my favourites on x, and everyone got really into it but not in a frantic way like a lot of gigs I've been to.

Mostly, everyone just seemed really calm throughout, and generally just really happy to be there in that moment, which was such a lovely thing to be a part of. You could tell that everyone around just really wanted to hear him play, and it doesn't always feel like that at concerts. There were people of all ages, all enjoying this one man and his guitar, and all the amazing sounds he can make.

I was so, so happy that he played Photograph because it's my favourite song on x, and maybe my favourite of all his songs; he said at that part of the set he usually just left it blank and played whatever he felt like, so Chloe and I in particular were really pleased, as she loves it too.

Give Me Love felt really special to be a part of too, and everyone was singing along. You just feel this weird but wonderful sense of togetherness with all these strangers, and that's not something you get to feel that often.

Overall, the whole night was wonderful and if you haven't seen Ed live then I really recommend you do. The things he can do with his voice, guitar and loop pedal blow my mind, and you can't help but completely admire him for it.

I'll leave a link to him on iTunes here if you haven't heard any of his music before but would like to have a listen.

Until next time.

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