Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Meet The Vamps tour

On Sunday evening, Chloe and I went to see The Vamps at the NIA in Birmingham for their debut headlining tour, aptly named the 'Meet The Vamps' tour. After about a six month wait after getting the tickets, it finally came around, and Chloe came up to stay with me so we could go.

In all honesty my main excitement for the event was seeing her, rather than seeing them, but I did have a really great time at the gig, thanks to both Chloe and The Vamps.

We arrived quite late, after attempting to find our way there walking, but in the end we got in a taxi and letting the driver do the work; luckily our late arrival meant no queuing to get in; it was so quiet outside we literally didn't know which entrance was the right one hahah. However once we got inside we found a few thousand teenage girls (and some of their parents), wandering/sitting on the edge of their seats excitedly, eagerly awaiting the band.

We didn't know who was supporting, or how many acts there would be so at first we thought we might have missed one or two of them. And after some googling on Monday night, it seems that we might of missed one, but the two we saw were fun, and both surprisingly similar in their format.

First was Luke Friend, who, I believe, may have been an x factor contestant at some point (??? (I don't watch it so I'm none the wiser)). He seemed full of energy when he skipped onto the stage with his guitar. The second song he performed sounded super sweet, so I'll have to look it up on youtube at some point.

And then the lovely Nina Nesbitt graced the stage, and I was very pleasantly surprised to see her. I've heard a couple of Nina's songs and I've quite liked listening to them. However the only song I actually know the words to, she didn't perform of course haha. But she seemed really lovely and her voice is just beautiful.

Whilst waiting for The Vamps to come on, Chloe and I realised how much older we seemed than most of the girls there, who were closer to 10-15, and also became aware of how tired we were in comparison to the energy they all seemed to have. And we're not even much older! But it was nice to see all of their excitement, and reminded us of ourselves a few years ago at various other concerts.

Before we knew it the lights dimmed and there they were, cute/handsome as ever.

They started with Wildheart, a strong favourite of mine and oh they were wonderful. Their energy was very similar to that of the girls around us, and it was nice to see that sense of equal passion and interest. There was the exact same feel as they played Somebody To You a little later on too, and that's another of my favourites of theirs' as well. It was just so lovely to be apart of.

They did a sort of mash-up cover of All Time Low's, Dear Maria, Count Me In and Fall Out Boy's, Sugar We're Going Down, which I LOVED. I'm a big fan of both bands, so it was refreshing to see a different version of the two merged together. As well as this, they covered My Chemical Romance's, Teenagers, which I know, although not too well, but I really liked that too, and it's made me want to go away and remind myself of the song. Their other cover, which they played near the beginning I think, was a mash-up of numerous youtube covers they've done previously, which was such a nice thing, as they seemed to be bringing back the music fans first really heard from them,

I think my favourite songs on the night were probably Risk It All, which they played as an encore, and Shout About It, where Brad played the acoustic guitar, centre stage, all on his own; it was stunning.

We had a wonderful time at the show, and didn't even get lost on our walk back to the train station (who'd have thought). We did, however, take a detour to get food, well, I say food, I had a smoothie, but Chloe was super keen on the apple pie so she munched away happily as we walked back.

I don't know if there are any tickets left to later dates on the tour, as I have a feeling they all sold out, but if you can get down to a show, be sure to, because they sound just as good live as on their recordings, which you can't say for too many artists these days. They've also announced an arena tour for next year, so maybe head along to that instead if you can :)

Until next time.

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