Thursday, 30 October 2014

Song of the week #5

I really love Ron Pope's voice. He's got such a gorgeous tone, sort of similar, in a sense, to that of Gavin DeGraw. One of my favourite songs by Pope is Shoot Out the Lights, and I happen to have been listening to it rather a lot this past week. It's such a mellow ballad; really, really easy on the ears.

The song was released in 2008 on the album, Daylight, the same album as one of his best known songs, A Drop in the Ocean. I've been listening to Ron's music for a couple of years now and it never fails to make me feel something, which is the thing I think most songwriters seem to struggle with the most all in all.

In a sense the song depicts an idealistically simple world, where you can turn things off when you need some space. In this sense Pope has chosen the lyrics 'shoot out the lights,' creating the idea that if the lights were all gone things might be simpler, and maybe it would be easier to 'see the stars in black and white.' 'I'm screaming for an answer but the darkness blinds me now,' creates a sense of feeling completely alone, and 'I pray to god most every night' adds the idea of lost faith.

I read somewhere that Pope actually wrote the song for his Grandmother when she was very ill, and it was his way of telling her that she wasn't alone. I think this links in with the idea of praying, as he's seemingly letting her know that he's there for her, even if something spiritual isn't. 'Shoot out the lights' could represent no longer looking up and hoping, but actually just being and living instead.

The piano part is probably my favourite instrumentally, but I really like how the drums push things on in the chorus and add a more obvious rhythm. But I think the piano is the key instrument overall, and I'd be interested to hear how the song would sound without it, because I don't think it would work as well as it does now.

Let me know if you're a fan of this song, or Ron Pope in general, and what your favourite song by him is, as I always like to know what other people think.

I'm off to a gig now, so I hope everyone has/had a good day :)

Until next time.

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