Friday, 21 November 2014

All the tall things

Literally why didn't I name my blog all the tall things, that would've been a genius move, I'm so stupid, damn it me, for goodness sake, really missed a trick there.


I'm really quite tall, and so I thought I'd mention some of the pros and cons (and there are quite a lot of cons). So, yeah, here are all the good and bad things that come with notable height (at least in my case).


Feeling like a bit of a superhero when someone asks you to reach something on a high shelf for them (especially when it's in a supermarket or a shop where some things really are too high)

Long legs can never really be seen as something negative despite the fact they're easier to trip over; longer strides mean you move quicker, less chance of being late

Easier to spot in a crowd so even if you can't find your friends they can probably find you

In a crowd at a gig, you've got a pretty good chance of actually being able to see

Being considered older, which is sometimes pretty useful; literally from the age of about 12/13 there were people who thought I was 18

Intimidating men that would probably intimidate you if you were shorter

Netball in school was always pretty easy with the height advantage


Long legs are probably easier to trip over just because there's more to them

Attract attention more easily ew

Actually having to mind your head when there's a 'mind your head' sign

Also always whacking your head when you stand up from your seat on a bus

Generally just whacking your head

Cute short boys sigh

Finding clothes that actually fit properly and are long enough is nearly impossible

Broad shoulders (all of the sighs)

Sometimes you might actually want to wear heels but you don't want to seem like even more of a giant

You know when people tell you you've gotten really tall since they last saw you? They do it every single time they see me and I can safely say I have not grown

Mirrors are always positioned too low down so you have to crouch to check you don't have food in your teeth

Public transport/cinema/lecture theatre etc seating - there's never enough leg room

Bending down to take a photo with friends (my best friends are both around 5'2)

Hide and seek can be really tough

Are there any other things you like/dislike about being tall? Or maybe about being short? Be sure to let me know :)

Until next time.

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