Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Hollywood Ending: Punk Ass Kids tour

I went to see Hollywood Ending on Thursday with one of my flatmates (it was her first gig ever!?!??!!!) and I've been so busy between then and now, what with Halloween and then travelling home, bonfire night and seeing all my friends and family (and most importantly, my dog), and also some sort of lovely throat infection (hahahhhh yayyyyy), that I've hardly even had a chance to think about writing a post about it. Golly.


Here it is.

They were fun, oh they really were.

The gig was at Temple in The Institute and it was probably actually the smallest I've ever been too. But it was so fun. And their support acts were good too, in particular the second one, Brad Kavanagh; he had a little bit of a reggae vibe that I loved and his original material sounded really great. He also did a couple of covers, Ed Sheeran's Sing in particular was woooonderful.

Hollywood Ending came on stage dressed for Halloween and left semi-naked, so I can safely say it was an eventful hour or so. They performed a load of songs that everyone knew as well as a couple of covers (which were so good) and some new songs. I loved Punk Ass Kids and can't wait until the ep for that comes out.

I was kind of sad they didn't do She's All That because it's one of my favourites, but they did play Good Time Girl, which was my song of the week a little while ago, and you can check that out here if you'd like to.

But yeahhhh, it was a fun evening and I'd recommend checking the band out if you haven't heard of them before :)

I'll leave a link to them on iTunes here.

Until next time.

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