Saturday, 8 November 2014

Hour-by-hour day in photos #1


I've been back home in the comfort of Oxfordshire for this week and it's been looooovely. My dog and I have spent a lot of time together, more than I have with my friends and family (oops), but I think it was time very well spent.

I thought I'd do a photo post, where I've taken a photo every hour that I've been awake over the course of the day. Coooool.

I think I'm going to do another one of these at some point, but whilst I'm at uni, as it would be interesting (maybe) to see any similarities and differences. Although, I can safely say I don't do the things I've done today everyday lolz.

Hooooope you like it :)

8.51am: fruit salad breakfast, with apple, banana, kiwi and melon

9.50am: preparing the face for the day ft naked palette from urban decay (aka everything important)

10.46am: waiting to leave the house with curls that can't be tamed

11.41am: music during the car journey (x album review)

12.33pm: nearly at our destination of leamington spa

1.21pm: fact of the week at the photography studio where we had some sibling photos taken for mum ('did you know that crabs like to update and change their shells, a bit like we buy a new car or house. they all meet up with other crabs and line up in a row to swap and exchange shells)

2.48pm: much rain as we began the journey home

3.22pm: more car music (slsp ep review and 5sos album review)

4.47pm: cuddles with prince on the dining room floor

5.32pm: the early stages of food shopping before we were met with all of the chocolate; we also saw what seemed like everyone my mum has ever known, which was nice for her to have a little catch up

6.24pm: the bicester village lights are one of my favourite things about christmas

7.13pm: attempting to regain some sort of order to my life by putting dates in my diary and sorting through all my emails

8.02pm: out for dinner with charlie at cabbages and condoms where they do thai food and it's sooooo good

9.56pm: it's also really pretty inside and just has a nice atmosphere

10.59pm: home and having a quick glance through next's christmas catalogue (the socks are great)

11.48pm: finally starting to write this post

Briefly, on another note, it's been a year since my University whaaaaaaaat blog post, how crazy is that. And now I still have no idea what I'm doing but I am at university so I've accomplished something. It feels so weird and surreal, like how has so much changed in a year. I mean, I'm still as indecisive as ever and terrified of the future, but I'm moving forward I guess.


Until next time.

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