Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Nickelback: No Fixed Address - album review

I love this album.

I just love Nickelback, I don't get why there aren't more people who like them, they're great okay. So I thought I'd write a brief review of their new album.

After I first listened to it I just listened to it again straight away. I really love the sound and how the band have stayed very true to their own style of music but equally incorporated other ideas with what could be considered more modern influences.

I really like the album title, 'No Fixed Address.' It just creates this nomadic idea of people who are always on the move, which the band were when they recorded the album, so it all fits together very nicely.

Million Miles an Hour sets the album off in a strong rock style, with the vocals slightly synthesised at points, creating a somewhat futuristic sound, which in a sense introduces the new music in a relevant fashion. 'Insanity is setting in, reality is getting thin' is my favourite line. I've always loved how Chad's voice is so unique and yet you can still hear each word clearly, which is somewhere a lot of artists go wrong and leave you not being able to understand a word they're saying. Great work.

Edge of a Revolution just sounds like such a classic Nickelback song. It's heavy on the electric guitar, with a very strong rhythm section, which is something I love to hear. I really love what they've done with the music video as well, and how it's pretty much a visual representation of the song. They seem to be making a political statement with this song as well, which is something that you probably wouldn't ever expect, but it works really well.

Was listening to What Are You Waiting For? when I was waiting for my train earlier and it was delayed by half an hour, so it felt kind of relevant, because I really was waiting for something (it was really cold too sigh). I really like this song, and I feel like it's got a good message, like, stop waiting and just do what you want. 'Believe in every dream that you've got' and 'don't you wanna spread your wings and fly, don't you really wanna live your life' are my favourite phrases. I think it's such a feel good song about striving for more and believing in yourself enough to do what you want to and get to where you want to be. The instrumentation and choice of rhythms and whatnot all give the song this really determined drive and it fits perfectly with the lyrics.

I think Satellite has to be my favourite song on the album; it's gorgeous and pretty much an example of everything that I love in a song. It's the perfect soft rock ballad and it is so beautiful, I could listen to it all day. I love the piano intro, it's something you wouldn't necessarily expect from Nickelback, and shows how their style has changed a little bit in a few songs, but it does remind me of some of their older ballads, so it's not completely different. I just love it.

Miss You is another great song, the intro makes it sound almost like what most would class as a pop song, but I think it progresses really nicely, building up a bit more in the verses with the drums and whatnot; you feel the beat so well in this one. I like how the vocals are a bit softer in this song, like there are a lot of people who think Chad's voice is a bit rough and aggressive, but you don't really hear that so much in this one; it's a little more mellow.

You can listen to the album on youtube here and if you're into rock or alternative music then you should definitely check it out. Also, you can find it on iTunes here. Wanna see them live so bad ughhhh.

Until next time.

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