Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Song of the week #6

My favourite song at the moment is called Waiting for Superman, by Daughtry. And I really do love it. Daughtry are one of my favourite bands, and remind me of a more mellow Nickelback, with front man, Chris Daughtry, having a fairly similar - but perhaps slightly softer - tone to Nickelback's Chad Kroeger. The band have a rock feel to them, but with a little country twang that I think was the thing that got me hooked on them. Literally been listening to them so much for the past two months.

I think of this song as a very warm one, if that makes sense? Like it has a warm feel to it. And we all need a warm song when it's freezing cold outside what with the chilly winter weather being upon us. It's one of those ballads that feels both reassuring and equally devastating, depending on how you feel when you listen to it.

I've got some internal conflict when it comes to lyrics. Part of me really loves them and another part wants it to be made clear that the girl in question can be her own superman, and maybe she's not waiting for a man, but waiting to believe in herself. But I still really like the words to the song, I just don't like the ongoing idea that women need men to save them (because they don't).

The opening of the song just has the softest, prettiest sound to it, and it contrasts with the lyrics to create this sense of something beautifully tragic. And sometimes when I listen to it I do feel like I'm falling apart, and it kind of really sucks when you can relate to lyrics like these ones. The phrase 'if life was a movie then it wouldn't end like this,' hits quite hard, as it really reminds you of how different reality is to the fantasy of film where everything usually ends in happiness or at least some form of equilibrium.

I just really love this song, and thought it was well worth sharing. You can listen to it here if you'd like.

Until next time.

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