Sunday, 21 December 2014


So there's this band called SafetySuit and I'm in love with their music.

I heard about them through bands like The Script, Parachute and Daughtry, and oh my is their music good. They've got quite a mix of sounds, but I think generally speaking I'd refer to them as a kind of soft, alternative rock band. And their music is everything I love, and everything I've been wanting to hear recently. The lyrics are stunning and moving, and I genuinely don't think I've heard a song by them that I don't like. Doug Brown's voice is so beautiful but with this element of roughness that works undeniably well. They're an American band from Tulsa, Oklahoma, though they are now based in Nashville, Tennessee. And I love their songs. Really.

The band were actually originally called 'Crew', but had to change the name due to legal reasons, and honestly, I think SafetySuit suits them so much better, and really, I don't know, it feels like the name speaks well in indicating their sound. But I really like some of the songs that they released under their original name, so I would recommend looking them up. The band have released two full albums as SafetySuit, called, 'Life Left to Go' and 'These Times', and they're believed to currently be working on material for their third.

I have a few favourite songs by them. One of those is, I believe, the first song I ever heard by them, which is called 'You Don't See Me' and it's the saddest, but most beautiful acoustic song I can think of. I always find it so tragic how something so beautiful has to be so sad, but it just seems to be the way most of the time. The lyrics are very moving and I feel a lot of people would be able to really relate to them; I can safely say I do, sigh. It's just so heartfelt and wonderful but equally kind of soul destroying at the same time. It's kind of perfect (listen here).

Another favourite is called 'Stay' and I seem to have a thing with songs with this name, as I love Mayday Parade, Lewis Watson and The Icarus Account's songs of this same name. I love the initial strings as like a pre-introduction and then the guitar comes in and it just sounds so good. So. Good. Again, I suppose the lyrics are quite sad, by no means as sad as YDSM, but still sad. It's like the perfect rock ballad and I would listen to it all the time if I didn't know it would make me really miserable after a while haha (listen here).

'Anywhere But Here' is another gorgeous song. The lyrics are stunning and so's the instrumentation, and the two fit together perfectly. This one isn't so sad, but it still has a twang of melancholy; but the gloom is kind of clouded over with this little glimmer of hope, and I think it's beautiful. There's also an orchestral version of this, which is incredible, and you can find that here, but I really do adore the original, so I think I'd have to say I prefer that (listen here).

I also really love 'Something I Said'. It's got this real rock vibe to it, but it's not so overpowering that the words lose any meaning, which is really important to me in this kind of music. The chorus is almost definitely my favourite part, and I kind of really just want to sing it until my lungs collapse lol. The instrumentation in the middle eight is just out of this world though, I looooove it (listen here).

I'd have to say SafetySuit have been one of my favourite bands to listen to this year, and so I thought this would be a nice post as we approach the end of 2014. Hearing them live is a new aim of mine, as I can't even begin to imagine how much better they could sound in the flesh. Gaaaaaaa. Pleeeeeease. But yeah, if you get the chance I'd definitely recommend checking them out, as they are more than worth the time (although I wouldn't start with You Don't See Me if you're feeling at all sad as it might kind of wreck you).

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