Monday, 8 December 2014

Song of the week #8

After listening to Jessie J's most recent album, Sweet Talker, released 13th October, I was immediately drawn to one song in particular, called You Don't Really Know Me, which is the final song on the deluxe version. It's always a bit of a love/hate scenario when you can really relate to a song, but at the moment I am really loving this song.

It's a very simplistic ballad, limiting the instrumentation to just the acoustic guitar, which is one of my favourite kinds of song to listen to. I really like it when a song with meaningful lyrics only has one or two instruments to accompany the vocals, as it always eeks them out more and allows you to really hear what an artist is trying to say.

The lyrics basically describe the way a person always acts and what they say, and oppose it completely with what they really want and really feel. And I get this so much. Like, as much as I want to tell everyone how I really feel about everything etc, I just don't feel comfortable with it a lot of the time. The lines 'the girl who always says yes, wants to say no; takes over everyone's stress, and ignores her own', 'the girl who starts all the jokes, just make her laugh' and 'smiles when they guess who she's loving, what they say makes her mad' are probably some of the ones that stand out the most for me.

I just get this song, in every sense of it. And sometimes that's a really comforting thing, but equally it can make you think about it a little bit too much.

I think this song is beautiful, and a very simplistic, meaningful one; would definitely recommend checking it out. Hopefully Jessie will sing this one when she's on tour in the new year, as I'm going to see her in January with Charlie and her sister, Billie, and I would love to hear it live (but it's on the deluxe album so unfortunately it's probable that she won't, sigh).

You can find the song on iTunes here and youtube here.

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