Wednesday, 30 December 2015


With every year that commences, the time seems to go even faster. This year has been a relatively busy one, and I suppose I've had a pretty good time all things considered. I have been so happy with the amount of live shows I've been to, and I think I've embraced my love of music more this year than ever before; I'm so glad that I found the time and money to go and enjoy myself for an evening every now and again.

As far as highlights go, I would have to say seeing Taylor Swift was definitely one of the best experiences. I would go again in a heartbeat and I hope I get the opportunity to see her perform again, because she is sensational. Ed Sheeran was also phenomenal, and it was so lovely to see Lawson playing live again, as well as all the other bands and artists I've seen over the year.

In terms of personal achievements, I passed my first year of university with good marks and have been working hard to make further progress for second year. I'm really looking forward to semester two, as I think I'll enjoy the texts so much more than those I've studied (and struggled with) so far in second year; I find older texts very difficult to read, so luckily I'm moving into the more recent texts in the new year.

I've already got some plans for the coming year, with several gigs lined up, and most of those being bands I haven't seen before, so I'm very excited about that. As I said, I'm looking forward to the modules I'm going to be studying for the next few months, as the texts have interested me greatly. And I'm just looking forward to moving onward with my life, embracing what's to come with open arms, and hoping it will be better.

Here's to the new year.

Until next time.

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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Seasonal update

Helloooooo. I've been quite busy in the past week and haven't had time to blog about what I've been up to, so I thought I'd put it all together in an update post.

I finished uni for Christmas just over a week ago, last Thursday, but stayed in Birmingham until Friday (yesterday) as I had work to do and also a couple of shows to go to.

Last Friday Charlie and I went to see a group she really likes, called The Overtones, at Symphony Hall. And they were so great. It was essentially a Christmas concert so it was very festive and got us into the spirit. The vocals were amaaaazing.

The following evening we went to The Institute to see Lower Than Atlantis, whose music I love. I felt rather faint when we got there so we stood and watched from the side, but they were brilliant, and I would happily see them again, as with The Overtones, despite the band and group being entirely contrasting.

I spent the next few days reading and doing some research for the essays I need to write over Christmas, to give myself a bit of a head start on the work. And on Thursday Charlie and I went to see one of our favourite musicals, Hairspray, at the New Alexandra Theatre, and it was amazing. It was almost six years to the day since we'd seen the show in London, so it was a bit nostalgic and just brilliant.

On Friday we both travelled home for the holidays, and since then I've spent pretty much all my time with my dog. The way it should be.

In terms of music, other than those already mentioned, I've been listening to Coldplay's new album, A Head Full of Dreams, rather a lot; it's so good, I can't wait to hear some of the songs live in June. And I've been listening to all the Christmas classics, as music is definitely the best part of the season for me (apart from the food of course).

I hope everyone is enjoying the start of the holidays and you all have nice plans for the Christmas period.

Until next time.

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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Lawson Winter tour '15

On Monday night I went to see one of my favourite bands and it was wonderful.

After just over two years since I saw them on their last full UK tour, Lawson were back in Birmingham, playing O2 academy 2. It felt so lovely to be there and see them again playing new songs, as well as some of the classics that first made me fall in love with their music.

I really liked Fullshore, a local band who played a little acoustic set to start the evening off. They had a really nice sound and I've checked out some of their stuff of youtube since, and I'm really into it.

Lawson were great, of course. I loved hearing the new songs from their most recent EP, especially We Are Kings, as I think everyone really got involved. I also thought Mountains sounded incredible.

Andy and Joel's acoustic of Taking Over Me was stunning, it's one of my favourite songs of their's and I probably listen to the acoustic audio more than the original anyway, so hearing it live and stripped back was lovely. Also, Andy playing Everywhere You Go was such a beautiful moment, another song I adore.

I loved their cover of Jess Glynne's Hold My Hand; it felt wonderful and sounded so special, and I wish I could experience that again and again. The best cover I've heard of that song, and it really brought everyone together.

When She Was Mine sounded as on point as ever and brought everyone right back to the start, as it was the band's first ever single. Hearing Make It Happen live again was brilliant, as it always feels so motivational. Also, I have to mention that Joel is honestly the best guitarist I've ever heard; any song is made ten times better with a guitar solo, even if it's only a couple of bars long.

And of course, they ended things off with Standing in the Dark, a song that I will never stop wanting to hear live. It feels so special and being in a room filled with people all singing the lyrics to that song is something really quite magical. I can't wait to experience it again soon.

I would highly recommend grabbing a ticket to one of the shows on Lawson's winter tour if they haven't yet played a venue near you.

Still one of the best live bands I've ever heard.

Until next time.

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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Why I love live music

I generally go to a gig or two each month, and in the gaps between I really miss being at a show. It's actually been a couple of months since my last gig (which is sad), but I'm back at it this month, with two shows (it was meant to be three but unfortunately Nickelback had to cancel), and so I thought I'd share the main reasons why I love live music.

1. It feels great and it usually sounds great too - I love hearing songs I've listened to for a long time live, because it just feels so much more raw and real. You can hear even more expression in a singers voice, the bass is clearer than ever, and you just feel everything.

2. It kind of tests how good the band/artist you're seeing actually is - sometimes this can be a disappointing thing, but far more often than not they sound even better live than on studio recordings. You can see a band interacting with each other, bouncing off each others' energy, and know that they're all enjoying what they're playing, and the less serious they are, usually the better it sounds overall.

3. Everyone is involved and there are so many different people all coming together with a common interest - it's so nice to see how diverse a crowd can be at a show. Given, there are certain gigs I've been too that have been very teenage girl heavy, or full of (somewhat creepy) older men. But especially at shows like Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift, as well as many others, you see people of all ages, from all walks of nice. And it's nice to know you share something in common with all of them.

4. It's fun, especially if you're going with friends (although it's still fun on your own) - the whole point of going to a gig is to have a good time. For me it's also usually a social thing; I'll go with a friend or a group of friends, we'll hang out before and get dinner, and we'll go to the show. It's a nice way to catch up with people and to connect with them.

5. You can just live in the moment and forget about everything else you've got going on for an evening and just feel the music and nothing else - the ultimate reason. I love going into a huge room, filled with people with all kinds of things going on outside, but when they're in the room they're just feeling the music, and although maybe the problems on the outside are still in your mind as you sing the lyrics back, they feel like a weight off your chest, especially knowing how many other people are singing along beside you.

One of my favourite quotes is from Dave Grohl:
'That's one of the great things about music. You can sing a song to 85,000 people and they'll sing it back for 85,000 different reasons.'

Until next time.

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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Be yourself

Being yourself isn't something anyone would typically think about. Because you are yourself, you just are. But at times, you can change your manners or persona to suit the people you are around; and that's not you.

I wanted to talk about the importance of being unapologetically you, and doing the things that you want to do without feeling embarrassed or letting anyone make fun of the things you're interested in.

Everyone is different. Everyone has different interests, and likes, dislikes, different events they like to go to, different personalities. And that's what makes the world such a wonderfully diverse place.

At times we've all felt embarrassed for liking something that isn't seen as 'cool' or our friends think is silly. And it feels pretty shitty. And at the end of the day, they probably aren't the kind of people you want to be around. The thing to remember: they're the one in the wrong for mocking you. You are doing nothing wrong by enjoying a certain sport, or liking a certain band. They're the one in the wrong for not supporting you in something that you care about.

It's so important to me to show an interest in the things my friends are interested in, and the things they want to talk about. I may have no personal interest in the subject matter myself, but I want them to find it exciting still, and part of that is me encouraging them to do whatever it is or listen to the music, and for them to know that they can feel perfectly comfortable talking to me about it.

Equally, there is nothing wrong with having big goals and having a plan on how to achieve them. I think it's inspiring. So if anyone ever tells you that you're trying too hard, or you're no fun to be around, then don't listen to a word they say. If you're working your hardest, for something you really want, are you going to let the foolish words of others determine how close you get to achieving your dreams?

Encourage each other to be passionate. Encourage each other to be the best they can be. Encourage each other to be happy.

Until next time.

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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Five things that make me happy

Sometimes you can get stuck in a bit of a rut, where everything feels terrible and nothing seems to make you smile anymore. It happens to us all. And as much as at that time you often struggle to even remember the things that make you happy, it's important to try to. It's usually very simple things, that you wouldn't even think about. So I thought I'd share five things that make me happy, and maybe you could too.

1. Rain at night.

2. Being able to see the stars.

3. A long walk on a rain-free day.

4. People smiling at you when you walk down the street.

5. Live music (I mean I love audio recordings but live is always best).

What makes you happy?

Until next time.

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Thursday, 10 September 2015

14 tips for first year

A lot of people will be starting their first year at university very soon, so I thought I would compile a few tips. Some of these are things that I've done/found useful and others are things I wish I had done. So I hope it's of use :)

1. Take things a step at a time: don't rush into everything all at once. Make a list of things you need to do/get before you move to university, and when you get there, and tick them off one by one. Don't expect it to all happen overnight.

2. Don't expect to be able to do everything all by yourself straight away: there are many home comforts that aren't available at uni, like your parents doing the food shopping etc, so don't expect to be able to do everything completely independently from the very beginning. Shopping with your flat mates is always a good idea and even cooking with them if you like the same things.

3. Don't rush yourself to make friends: I think this is one of the most important things. Don't just become friends and end up lumbered with people you meet in the first week that you might not really like that much. Let it happen naturally, and give it some time to get to know various different types of people, and you'll make the friends that suit you best.

4. Get involved with your course from the very start and put the effort in: we all know very well that you only need 40% to pass the year, but why aim for the minimum when you're capable of so much more? Engaging with your course and doing the reading will put you ahead and you'll be thankful that you've gotten into good habits in first year, as it will benefit you throughout the rest of your time at university.

5. Volunteer: I think volunteering is a great way to meet people, and a great way to meet kindhearted people especially - the kind of people who look out for others rather than just themselves. I volunteer with a student run group at a day centre for the elderly once a week and I enjoy it so much.

6. Try to stay at uni for at least four weeks before visiting home: allow yourself time to get used to your new surroundings rather than looking for comfort in the place you've always known it to be. I left it six weeks, until reading week, before visiting home, and by that time it didn't really even feel like home anymore.

7. Try societies out, but don't force yourself to commit to all of them: during welcome week there will be various fairs, including a societies fair, where no doubt you'll be bombarded with all sorts of information for societies that you didn't think could even exist. Most of them will be happy for you to go along to a few meetings to see if you like it, and if you don't enjoy something, don't feel under pressure to continue with it.

8. If you aren't big on going out partying, don't: or at least don't force yourself to go a lot just because everyone else is doing it all the time. There will be other people who feel the same and you'll find common interests among them.

9. Get your friends from home to come and visit you: it helps you settle in, and it's an alternative to going home. Let them see your new home and I'm sure they'll have fun. I had friends come and stay with me to go to a few gigs in my first month at uni and we had a great time.

10. Learn to handle your budget: this was something I didn't find particularly difficult, but I know a lot of others struggle more with it. Plan out what you're going to eat and write a list of expenses to make sure you're not overspending.

11. Go out and explore your new location: it's no good moving to a new place and not knowing where anything is. During freshers' week my college, and I think most of the colleges at my university, held a tour of the main city, which I found really beneficial. It made me more confident that I knew where I was going and equally made me want to see more of the city.

12. Arrive a little early on move in day to ensure you get good kitchen cupboard space: this is something I didn't even think about in first year and something I regret not doing. I was left with the smallest food storage cupboard and really limited space for my kitchen utensils. Get in early to avoid missing out, but also be willing to help make more space for anyone who might show up late.

13. If you get your clothes out of the tumble dryer as soon as it's finished you'll never have to iron a thing: this is something I learnt after the first wash. And I think it's something everyone needs to know in life, not just those at university. Fold/hang your clothes whilst they're still warm and you'll avoid an abundance of creases.

14. Have fun, your kind of fun: make sure you enjoy the experience, by doing your favourite activities and embracing your course. You don't want to look back in three years time and think about all the things you could have done. And make sure you're not just pertaining to other people's idea of having fun; have your kind of fun.

Wishing you all the best at uni.

Until next time.

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Saturday, 5 September 2015



On Thursday Charlie and I started celebrated her birthday a few weeks early. I wanted to do something before she moved to uni (which is happening super soon and I'm so excited for her to live in the same city as me gaaaaa), and I know very well that she's an avid lover of musicals. She's wanted to see Wicked for ages so I thought I'd take her out on a little surprise trip to London, to see some sights, eat some food, and watch the musical. And it was the loveliest day. She was so surprised when we got on a train and I gave her a card listing our itinerary. It was wonderful.

When we arrived in London, we headed off to do a little bit of sightseeing, and wandered around Oxford Street, Park Lane and Knightsbridge. We had a gander in Harrods, where Christmas has already started, so that was fun to see. And then we headed to Piccadilly Circus for food (although we did take a wrong turn somewhere and had a detour via Leicester Square before we sat down to eat!).

We had an early dinner at Planet Hollywood (somewhere we'd intended to eat in the past but hadn't gotten around to). It's such a lovely place, with fantastic staff, and the interior is so wonderful, with film props hung about the walls. The food was also amazing; I had the Hollywood Bowl salad, which tasted delicious (and there was SO much of it), followed by the Strawberry Cheesecake - no words to describe just how amazing it tasted (maybe the best cheesecake I've ever had). You can also use a Tastecard at Planet Hollywood to get 2for1 on food, which is always good news.

We then sauntered through St James Park as we made our way to the Apollo Victoria Theatre to see Wicked. The show was outstanding. Honestly, the acting was brilliant, the dancing was perfectly on point, and the singing was utterly superb. I highly rate the show and would greatly recommend taking a trip to see it if you're ever in London; it's well worth watching.

All in all we had the loveliest time, and I'm so glad that Charlie loved it. Couldn't be happier with how the day went.

Until next time.

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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Why I love to walk

You may or may not have realised through photo diary posts and such that I am an avid walker (when this post goes up I'll 100% be out on an early morning walk). I generally walk somewhere between 60-90km a week at the moment and I really wouldn't have it any other way. There are quite a few reasons why I love to walk, and so I thought I'd share them.

1. I like it.

Probably the simplest reason to do something. I just enjoy it. I like walking around and seeing things, and it feels like a good way to spend my free time.

2. It makes me feel good.

Walking is a good form of exercise, and if you walk at a fast pace like I do it can be beneficial to your health. I'm not really big into sports, so this is a good alternative. It keeps me healthy and active.

3. Freeing my mind.

It's nice to get up and walk away from work for a while. During exam season especially, I'll go for at least one long walk every day. I feel like it really helps mentally; no longer looking at books or at a screen, and simply seeing the things around you and feeling the air helps to feel calmer and to spend a little time not focusing on anything but yourself.

4. It reduces stress.

I feel like walking for an hour or two relieves a lot of the tension in my head and helps give you a chance to just breathe. The moment you walk out the door, you leave the stress behind and take a little while to relax.

5. Fresh air is best felt walking through it.

Sure, sitting outside to get a bit of fresh air is a good idea, but walking along and absorbing (kind of) that air feels like a cleansing process. Even if you walk way too fast and end up super sweaty, it feels like your soul is cleaner (for me at least).

6. Nature.

I love nature (especially trees). It's such a big part of the world and yet so often overlooked. A walk through a park can change your perspective on a lot of things: seeing trees so much taller than you; realising that the simplest plants are far more complex than they seem.

7. The escape.

More than anything, for me walking is a way to literally walk away and escape reality for a while. I put my earphones in and I just pay attention to myself for an hour or so. 'Me' time is very important, and I don't think many of us get enough of it.

8. There's nothing like an early morning walk.

When the sun's just up and the rest of the world is still sleeping, it's the most peaceful time. Especially on a Sunday. There is nothing better.

Do you enjoy walking? What are your favourite things about it?

Until next time.

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Friday, 14 August 2015

Simple cupcake recipe

Now that I have some free time over the summer, I've gotten back into baking a little bit. Ohhhhh how I love cake. And so I thought I would share a super simple recipe for 12 cupcakes, just how my (Great) Auntie Joan taught me to make them, as well as the recipe for buttercream icing.

Cake ingredients:
Caster sugar
Margarine/softened butter
2 eggs
Self-raising flour

Oven on 180 degrees celsius.

I haven't put the amounts for each ingredient, because the first step involves:

1. Weigh the eggs. Then weigh out the other ingredients so you have the same amount of each of them as the eggs (this gives more of an evenness to the mixture, rather than assuming the weight of the eggs (e.g. if the eggs weigh 120g, use 120g of all the other ingredients)).

2. Put the caster sugar and margarine into a large bowl and mix until creamy.

3. Crack one egg into a separate bowl and whisk, then adding it to the butter/margarine mix along with half of the self-raising flour; mix together until even. Repeat with the second egg.

4. Scoop an even amount of mix into 12 cupcake cases (ideally on a cupcake tray).

5. Bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes. Then leave to cool on a cooling rack.

Buttercream ingredients:
100g softened butter
225g icing sugar
30ml milk
Vanilla essence

1. Beat the butter in a large bowl, until (super) soft.

2. Gradually sift the icing sugar into the bowl, adding a dash of milk and mixing it all together until the mix is fairly thick.

3. Add in a drop of vanilla essence and mix thoroughly until a little thicker.

4. Leave in the fridge for 15-30 minutes.

5. Stir the mix again before icing the cakes.

Soooooooo yeah. Nice and simple; five steps for the cakes and five steps for the icing. So simple even I can do it. And they taste great.

Until next time.

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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Ed Sheeran - Wembley Stadium

After seeing Ed Sheeran in Birmingham back in October, we loved the thought of seeing him again. So, as a surprise birthday present for Chloe, Charlie and I bought tickets for one of Ed's Wembley shows and have been dying to tell her about it for about eight months. And it finally happened yay.

We went to the first of the shows on Friday, and the atmosphere was so wonderful, just like the last time we saw him.

Foy Vance was cool (coolest moustache evaaaaa), I liked the folk sound and he was nice to listen too. One Republic were great (can't believe they didn't play I Lived (my favourite) but what can ya do), I loved that they did Stop and Stare and Apologise, as I can remember them from years ago when they came out. Counting Stars was amazing too.

Can I just give massive props to Ed though; he is the first solo performer to headline at Wembley - all on his own. How amazing is that. And he sold out three consecutive nights. Incredible. There are no limitations for what this man can do, and I can't wait to watch him continue to succeed, and continue to strive for more.

The show was outstanding. Very few performers can deliver such high quality music live, especially with the added pressure of a sold out show in a massive stadium.

Photograph, Tenerife Sea, Give Me Love, and Afire Love were my favourite of the songs he played. They were just stunning. Elton John's accompaniment in Afire Love just added to the beauty of the song, and it was more emotive than ever.

Elton John in general was pretty great. It was so unexpected, but everyone loved it. Don't Go Breaking My Heart was such a happy moment, and I'm so glad they played that song.

I loved I Was Made To Love Her too (Stevie Wonder is one of my favourite artists); I really liked how he added his own flare to it but didn't really change the song too much.

The A Team felt really special. I guess it's because it was the song that really got the ball rolling for Ed's career. It showed the progression. It makes me feel like he's in the music industry for all the right reasons.

I love that he still seems like the same person he was a few years ago, despite everything. He just makes music and plays it. A lot of other artists seem to expect more; they want the celebrity lifestyle and the attention, but Ed genuinely seems to just want to play his music for anyone who will listen, just like when he first started out. What could be better.

Until next time.

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Saturday, 4 July 2015


I've been listening to Tori Kelly's Daydream so much recently and it's made me think about all the things I daydream about doing, and how even though a lot of them feel impossible, they aren't. The song's about being who you want to be and discovering yourself, and doing all the things you always dreamt of.

Some of my favourite lines are:

'One thing you haven't tried is erase every doubt'

'Keep both feet on the ground while your head's in the clouds'

'Who you wanna be is only up to you'

'You don't have to know exactly who you are, because figuring it all out could be the best part'

And so, I've been thinking about figuring out some of my dreams for the future, and seeing if I have any goals that I can start to work towards. I know a lot of things tend to just fall into place, but there are some things that I would love to do, and I think maybe I could make them happen.

Things like travelling. I dream about seeing everything, and taking in hundreds of cultures, and experiencing a million things. I would love to go everywhere. Italy, Spain, Bali, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Mozambique, Canada, Bolivia, South Africa, North America, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Caribbean, Brazil, Thailand, Mexico. Just about everywhere really. One of my main aspirations is to give myself the chance to discover myself whilst discovering this diverse planet.

I'd love to spend more time by the sea, or just any kind of water in general. Living between Birmingham and Oxford, I don't see the sea, like, ever. They're probably two of the places furthest from the ocean in the whole country. But still, there's something about the sea that makes me feel free, and calm, and content, and like me. The closest I usually manage to get is a pond or a river or canal. So, I guess I've been dreaming about living by the sea; that's probably always been my ideal location, and one day I'd love to reside there.

Live music is my favourite thing in the world, so I'm always thinking about the next gig I'll be attending. I'm always daydreaming about music; the way certain chords sound and how they can fit the feel of the lyrics perfectly. Music makes me feel far more than anything else has ever made me feel. And it always feels most special, and magical, live; in its rawest form. So I'm daydreaming about all the live music I'm going to hear and absorb, and all the things I'll feel when I'm there doing it.

A lot of dreams tend to spring from books in some way, and I think that's why I love reading them so much: they always give me new ideas for ways to live my own life. But most of the reading I've done recently has been for my university course, and I know that's going to continue for almost another two years, but I'd like to make a little more time for recreational reading, the kind of reading that keeps me reading, and keeps me dreaming.

What are some of your dreams, either for now or for the future?

I wish you all the best in achieving them.

Until next time.

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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

June favourites

There hasn't been very much to dislike in June, so as a month itself it's a definite favourite.


The beginning of the month was kind of hectic in terms of travelling round the country and gig-going. I headed to Bristol with Chloe on the first Saturday of the month, after going home a few days before, and we stayed there with her sister, Grace, and went to see One Direction in Cardiff, which was so good. Then on the Monday I went back up to Birmingham, after having gone back home again with Chloe on Sunday, ready to go and see The Piano Guys on the Tuesday, and they were incredible. On Friday I then returned home (again), and had a lovely evening with Charlie and Chloe (we watched Mamma Mia one and a half times), before heading to London on Saturday, where Chloe and I went to see 5 Seconds of Summer. Can every week be filled with as much live music as that week please? There's literally nothing I'd like more.

On Friday (26th) I took my dad to see The Who at Hyde Park in London. And it was so good. Kaiser Chiefs played too and I love them, so it was a really lovely day. Aaaaand then on Saturday (27th) Ruth and I headed back down to Hyde Park to see Taylor Swift, and she was insaaaaane. Vance Joy was playing that day as well and I fell even more in love with his music. It was so lovely to hang out with Ruth again too, as I hardly see her with me being in Birmingham, so I'm looking forward to spending more time with her over the summer. Taylor owned the night; incredible.

So in terms of music favourites of June, I'm probably gonna have to say those, because they all delivered great performances and reminded me how much I've missed live music since mid-April, when I thought it would be a good idea to focus on revision and exams for the rest of April/May (hahahahhhh it wasn't (never again (ever))).

Anyway, onto other things, as if I haven't already said enough.


I've been reading Everyday Sexism by Laura Bates this month, and it is well worth a read. The book talks about how prominent sexism still is in society and I can relate to so much of what's discussed. I think it's a book that everyone needs to read.


The Imitation Game is amazing. I first heard about the film whilst it was still in production, as a few scenes were shot in my hometown, but it's only this month that I've finally watched it. And I was gripped all the way through. It's very interesting and is set during WW2, showing the story of how cryptanalysts were attempting to crack the code that the Germans were using to send messages. I found it really interesting and the acting is superb.


I've been so eh about makeup the past few months, but on the occasions I have bothered to wear any, I've been loving using Trick from Urban Decay's Naked 3 palette on my lower lash line. It just adds a hint of colour and being a bright copper tone it's very well suited to the summer and looks lovely when the sun is shining. I'll usually just line my upper lashes with a black eye shadow too to give my eyes a little added shape and dimension.

As for foundation, basically I've probably only worn it literally about five days this month. And my go to has been a lovely, light BB Cream from Maybelline that gives a sheer coverage, but just gives you skin a little something on the days that you don't feel like leaving your face completely bare. I really like this one.

Lastly, a makeup remover. I feel like everyone ever uses this and I've only recently hopped on the wagon. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water takes your makeup off so easily, and unlike pretty much all makeup removal products, this one works fine around my eyes, whereas most tend to leave them so sore and bloodshot, so this is a complete winner. Nothing bad to say about this product at all.


I've spent a few days in London this month and I've really loved being there. I don't visit the capital particularly often, so it was nice to get the opportunity to go for a few gigs and spend the days wandering around. I really loved the shows I went to in Hyde Park, and I'd love to go back there soon just to explore the rest of the park a bit more.

As great as June has been, I'm looking forward to July. Got a lil surprise lined up for a pal, and I am verrrrry excited for it to finally happen.

Until next time.

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