Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Hour-by-hour day in photos #2

Here's another day in photos for youuuuu.

This is from Friday, last week, the day after I'd come back to Birmingham. It was before lectures/seminars etc restarted for semester 2, but I got up to a few different things, so here's a little insight into my day-to-day life in birms (kind of).

8.31am: started the day with a breakfast of banana and blueberries, with cranberry and raspberry juice.

9.14am: checked my emails and had a look on the blog.

10.43am: finishing an essay I'd started in late-December when I was still in Oxfordshire.

12.07pm: I went over and picked up my semester 2 timetable from the English office.

1.02pm: I got on a train and headed into central Birmingham to saunter around for an hour or so.

2.15pm: arrived back at the flat, having hit up Victoria's Secret in the Bullring for the first time since it opened (literally opened when I left for Christmas).

2.42pm: catching up on some of my favourite blogs; I love What Olivia Did.

3.59pm: cleaned the kitchen as it wasn't in the nicest state.

4.23pm: I then slumped down on the beanbags and listened to Taylor Swift's 1989.

5.21pm: and got into reading Inferno.

7.18pm: after having a quick dinner I took a shower with the most wonderful smelling shower gel in the history of ever, which my friend Alex got me for Christmas.

7.59pm: I then lathered myself in my favourite VS body cream (it's heaven).

8.43pm: went and made myself some hot chocolate in the cutest mug ever from Emma Bridgewater, which my lovely friend Katie bought me for Christmas.

9.15pm: I watched a few youtube videos, and quite a few of inthefrow's older ones. 

10.14pm: switched from youtube to Ja'mie, which I love ever so much, and my best pal Charlie got me the DVD for Christmas, what an angel.

10.23pm: pulled out some of the Christmas biscuits to munch as I watched.

11.19pm: I fell into this pile of blankets and listened to music until I drifted off to sleep.

Until next time.

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