Friday, 30 January 2015

Jessie J tour

The lovely Charlie and her sister, Billie, came to stay with me in Birmingham on Tuesday night, and we went to see Jessie J at the O2 academy, which was woooonderful. I hadn't been to a gig since the end of October and ohhh myyyy how I've missed the joys of live music (literally been going insane). For my first gig of the year, this was a pretty darn good one.

I've been listening to Jessie's latest album 'Sweet Talker' all month long, so I was very excited for the evening to finally come around. I actually put one of the songs on there as a song of the week towards the end of last year, which you can take a glance at here if you'd like to; she sang half of You Don't Really Know Me as well so I was really happy and left in complete awe.

The way she holds the stage is amazing, she just has this overwhelming presence and it's so great to watch. And her voice was sensational, as ever. The show was sold out so the place was completely packed, and I haven't seen it so full before. Loads of her songs are really upbeat so it was fun to bop along, even if I didn't recognise all of them.

Her band were amazing as well, and the guitarist in particular was so good; I spent a lot of time just watching what he was playing. But as a whole, Jessie and the band just had really great chemistry and it all worked wonderfully together. If you can get to a show she's doing any time soon I'd definitely recommend going.

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