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Coming Up For Air - Kodaline: album review

First album review of the year, ohhhh yeahhhhhh.

As a band, Kodaline make me think of a more alternative, rock-ier version of The Script. The music and the lyrics have the same kind of depth, just with a different overall sound. And they're also from Dublin; I think there are quite a few similarities between the two bands, but they both still have their own distinct and unique sounds.

I liked quite a few songs on Kodaline's first album, In a Perfect World, and so I was very intrigued to have a listen to their second, and see what they'd done with their sound. Overall I really like the album, and there are a some real standout tracks for me that I thought were well worth mentioning.

Of course, Honest, the lead single from the album, is a complete hit. I just love it. The slow tempo through the drumbeat at the very beginning, and the way everything crescendos up all through the first verse and hits the chorus just sounds incredible. I think the band's instrumentation was one of the things that interested me in them initially, and I feel like they've upped their game even more for this album. The lyrics are great in this song too, they're full of meaning and can have a real impact if you listen closely; they're lyrics that make you think. The acoustic version is also ever so pretty.

The One is so, so pretty. The piano at the beginning won me over instantly, it sounds so stunning, and I think it's probably the instrument that best compliments Steve's voice. It's just a really beautiful, calming song, and definitely one of my favourites on the album.

Unclear is a total anthem; it's so soulful, and I just really get into it, and end up a little sad when it ends. But the diminuendo at the end works amazing, like it fades to and end so gracefully and beautifully, and I really can't get over it, it's incredible.

Another favourite is Coming Alive. It's so upbeat, and it just puts me in a good mood. The drums set the song at the perfect tempo, and when the electric guitar really hits up the chorus it literally feels insane (or, as the song says, 'it feels so good and it feels so right'). This is possibly my favourite song on the whole album; I cannot get enough of it.

The acoustic guitar that opens Better is maybe the prettiest thing I've ever heard, and the way Steve's voice sounds with is it so perfect ugh. I think I like the lyrics in this song even more than I like the instrumentation though, which is a lot. I might have to take back what I said about Coming Alive being my favourite, because I really feel this one in every single way possible. If you don't listen to any of the other songs on this album, then just make sure you hear this one, because it is so beautiful.

Although, you should really listen to Everything Works Out in the End as well. I mean, it's stunning. The piano is at the heart all throughout, with vocals following and surrounding it beautifully. And the lyrics are really nice to hear too; some of them are ever so sad, but it's kind of more about hoping for better, and so it makes sense that sad things are pointed out along the way to when 'everything works out'.

There are quite a few really great, what you could call 'low maintenance' songs on this album, and another one of those is War. The piano and vocals have a kind of eerie effect, especially the haunting backing vocals. This song is just incredible, I literally can't find any other words for it. I think it would sound amazing live with a crowd singing along.

Coming Up For Air was released on Monday 9th February, and has since gone on to reach number 4 in the UK album charts. I really like the others song on the album as well (the instrumentation in Love Will Set You Free is sensational), but these were the tracks that stood out to me the most. I would highly recommend having a listen to the album if you haven't, as there's pretty much something for everyone on it. I also think that the songs would sound amazing live, so I'll be seeing if I can get to a show in the near future.

The album is available on iTunes here.

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