Friday, 13 March 2015

Blogs I love


I read a lot of blogs.

Like, a lot.

So I thought I would make a lil post about some of my favourites, all of which I follow somewhat religiously. I always love logging into Bloglovin and seeing new posts from these bloggers, so hopefully you'll like them too. So, in no particular order:

Girl Tweets World -

I've been living my travelling dreams through Jayne for a while now. I love hearing about all her experiences of different places, and I'm constantly left longing to board a plane and fly far, far away.

Niomi Smart -

Niomi's blog is a combination of fashion, beauty, healthy eating, lifestyle and travel, and I really love reading blogs with an array of different topics. It's nice to know each post will be fairly different to the last, and I like seeing lots of the different things she gets up to.

Cupcakes and Cashmere -

This blog is great for lifestyle, and I love learning about Emily and her life. I also really like her weekday wardrobe posts, as I love her sense of style. And she's very recently given birth to a little girl, and I couldn't think of a more lovely person to be a mother.

The Londoner -

The Londoner might just be my favourite blog of all blogs. Rosie seems like the most wonderful lady, with such elegance and grace, but equally so much personality. I love seeing all the places she's been to and her to-die-for outfits.

What Olivia Did -

Olivia's blog is another strong favourite of mine. Her sense of style is wonderful, and she herself is gorgeous. I love her more lifestyle oriented posts the most though, although I do adore pretty much everything she posts.

Inthefrow -

Inthefrow is one of my favourite blogs and youtube channels. I think Victoria is so charismatic and very honest in her opinions on things. And I really do love her hair.

HelloOctober -

Suzie does a lot of style, beauty and lifestyle posts, and I really like having an array of different topics to read about. I like her writing style, and how it feels like a conversation, and I also really like watching her youtube videos.

Essie Button -

Essie Button is the babe. She seems like the loveliest person, and comes across as so genuine in all her blog posts and youtube videos. I love all of her posts and always look forward to reading them when they appear on bloglovin.


I really like seeing all of the outfit posts on WEWOREWHAT, and I think Danielle seems to have such a versatile sense of style. I always look forward to seeing what she's been wearing.

Eeep I'm a Blogger -

I think my favourite  posts of Suzy's are those angled from a feminist perspective, talking about real issues. Whereas a lot of the other blogs I follow really are just for the photos, this one's all about the text content.

Beth Norton -

I love Beth's sense of style and how she manages to look utterly gorgeous in everything she wears, and always seems to make outfits very unique and full of personality. It's also nice to read about what someone my age likes and see what she gets up to.

Style Scrapbook -

I could stare at Andy's photos all day long. I can never get enough of her blog. I love seeing where she's been travelling and what she's been wearing. Definitely a blog I'd highly recommend.

Sprinkle of Glitter -

Louise is the sweetest and there are a lot of posts on her blog that remind me how much of a caring person she is. I really love reading about what she's up to, and even more so, how she's feeling and hearing the nice, positive things she has to say about the world.

Lily Melrose -

Lily's blog is another that I like for photos. I always love seeing what she's wearing and how she styles certain pieces. There's always something different on her blog, and I really like that.

Polly Vadasz -

Polly is the owner of a little shop on the internet called Sighh Designs, and I have loved her work for a long, long while. She has just relaunched her blog and even though I liked everything she'd done before, I'm liking the new stuff even more. Her writing style is very conversational and feels like an old friend talking to you. Her blog is essentially lifestyle, with a bit of everything thrown in, a little like mine in that sense.

I would strongly recommend checking out these blogs if you're an avid reader yourself. Let me know who your favourites are, or if there are any blogs you'd recommend for me to read.

Until next time.

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