Sunday, 29 March 2015

McBusted MEAT tour

My flatmate, Briony, and I went to see McBusted last night as a little end of semester treat and they were fun.

I saw them last year in London at the O2 arena, which I did a post on here; last time I went with my best friends from home, Charlie, Chloe and Jess and it was wonderful. This time, Briony and I saw them at the NIA (or Barclaycard arena (apparently)) in Birmingham, and they were great too, with more original McBusted songs from their album, along with a few Mcfly and Busted classics that I'll never stop loving.

The support acts were pretty good. First was an LA based band called Symmetry, who were a lot of fun. But I really liked the following band, New City Kings. I thought their sound was great, and just the kind of thing I love listening to, so check them out if you get the chance. I thought they were kind of a blend between Bastille and Lawson????? So if you're into either of their music then you might like them.

And then McBusted arrived. They kicked things off with Air Guitar, and got everyone moving and on their feet, followed by Hate Your Guts and, one of my personal Mcfly favourites, One for the Radio.

I loved their b-stage, and thought it worked brilliantly, with the six of them flying down in a car to perform a few songs in the middle of the arena. Obviously sounded as beautiful as ever, but my favourite moment of the whole night was when just Danny and James remained on the stage and performed Beautiful Girls are the Loneliest. It was absolutely stunning, and is definitely my favourite McBusted song.

All through the evening they brought so much energy to the room and it was so lovely to experience; especially when it was basically a room full of older teenagers and adults, I thought it was so nice that we could all feel really, really young again.

All About You was gorgeous, and had the added gimmick of a kiss cam going around the room throughout, which was very entertaining. And of course, Star Girl was incredible, and is probably one of my favourite Mcfly songs ever, along with Shine a Light, which was just as wonderful.

Things all came to an end with none other than Year 3000, which I think they ended with on the last tour as well. I think it works so well as the last song, as it really brings everything and everyone together, and I think that's the perfect moment to end things with.

Overall, we had an amazing time, dancing the night away, and reliving our childhoods. If you can get down to one of their shows on the rest of the tour then I would highly recommend doing so, as I'm sure you'll have just as much fun as I did.

Until next time.

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