Monday, 2 March 2015

Song of the week #17

February never really lasts long does it. It's so strange, because it's like two/three days shorter than all the other months, but it just disappears like it never even happened. Weiiiiiiird.

For the past week I have been loving Didn't See It Coming by Parachute, who are one of my favourite bands ever. This song always puts me in a really good mood and if I'm listening to it on the way to somewhere I literally feel like I'm walking on a cloud. It's so upbeat and cheerful and I actually quite like the little segments of speech, which isn't something I'd usually be so fond of, but it works so well for this song.

It's got catchy lyrics and I find myself singing along to it all the time (probably too loudly (oops)). The middle eight is one of my favourite parts, but equally the falsetto sections of the bridge are to dieeee forrrrrr.

I've been listening to the whole of Parachute's Overnight album all week to be honest; there's not a song I don't like. So I'd recommend having a listen if you fancy it. Drive You Home is another favourite, as well as Disappear and the acoustic of Hurricane. I feel like it's the type of album that has something for everyone; that's just the kind of band there are, very versatile.

Until next time.

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