Monday, 16 March 2015

Song of the week #19

I've only recently started listening to Fifth Harmony, but I've heard a lot about them over the past year or so. This week I've been listening to Boss pretty much every waking hour of every day. There's something about it that I find really motivational, and it's been part of my workout playlist for a while now, but even just walking to classes I always seem to be listening to this song. It makes me feel good, I guess, and it makes me feel in control, maybe even a little powerful. And I like it.

It's very upbeat, and very great, and very everything good ever. It's all girl power orientated, which is brilliant, as even though there's more of that these days, there's still not enough. To be honest I wasn't all that sure if I liked it the first time I listened to it, and then I found it stuck in my head a few hours later and realised that I actually really did like it. A lot. Always allow things a little bit of time to grow on you.

Until next time.

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