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April photo diary '15


I did an April photo diary last year as well, and almost completely forgot about it. So I suppose this is #2.

Also, I've been MIA from my blog most of this month due to revision and being at home for a while plus a load of other things, so I thought it would be nice to have a little catch up and this is quite a nice way to do it, I think.

So this is a photo representation of what I've gotten up to this past month.

The first day of April this is the only pic I took and it's just a screenshot on my phone that I posted on instagram because Westlife are great. There are some other screenshots of what I've been listening to too :)

Cannot get this picture to rotate for the life of me wow. Basic makeup for when I don't wanna wear any but I feel a little ehhhh.

April quote on Ann's calendar. Really love this one.

Sleepily reunited with the love of my life.

Ann's always super happy to have me home and likes to very kindly feed me up with chocolate.


Reunited with the second love of my life (my lung capacity has decreased so much from when I used to play at least an hour a day everyday, so it's really not as easy to play this piece as it used to be, but it's still one of the most wonderful sounds in the whole world and I've really missed playing).

Went to see my Grandad after I'd come home from uni, and so here's his dog, Vinnie, looking lovely as ever (he thought my phone needed sniffing (my phone case smells new I guess)).

Some intense dancing happened and when I woke up on Easter Sunday I realised why I was still so tired.

(I love Easter (I love chocolate)).

Mum (Ann (they're the same person)) and I walked Prince at the woods, hoping to see some bluebells but they hadn't come out quite yet.

Wrote a review of All Time Low's new album, Future Hearts if you're interesting in reading it. I think Missing You is my favourite song.

The curls sprang out for spring as I went to the hairdressers to have the ends trimmed off (I literally don't know how to ask for anything other than a trim, but I want my hair short so bad (one day I'll brave up (although I think Mum might be a bit heartbroken))).

Went for a long walk on a warm day to one of my favourite spots.

Mug: Sighh Designs

Prince does this thing where he'll grab my arm between his paws and drag it towards him so he can position it perfectly so that my hand acts as a pillow and he has something to hug. He has me all figured out.

2am means time for cereal sat on the kitchen floor.

Wooohoooo essay writing.

Ann and I had a really lovely day at Blenheim Palace (one of my favourite places ever). We even walked all the way up to the column, although Ann wasn't thrilled about that and there was a sheep that started to follow her and she didn't really like it. But it was worth it for the view.

The trees finally started to bloom. I'm sure the next time I go home they'll be covered in leaves.

 One of the prettiest songs ever.

Charlie and I had an afternoon/evening in London and saw a load of the sights, like Westminster, Buckingham Palace and St James' Park (maybe my favourite park of all time (maybe)) on the warmest day of the year so far. We ate at one of our favourite restaurants in Covent Garden, Fire and Stone, and then...

We went to a little gig in Shepherd's Bush, at Bush Hall, where we saw Nathan Sykes who was absolutely amazing. Nathan was previously in The Wanted, who we loved, so we thought we'd go down to one of his first shows as a solo artist to see what he'd been up to on his own, not really expecting all that much to be honest. And I was so surprised by how great the gig was. As soon as the jazz band walked on stage, I knew it would be right up my street and I am now really looking forward to him releasing new music. His sound is really soulful and jazzy and just the kind of sound I've loved since I was very young (kind of Earth, Wind and Fire-esque to an extent, but with a bit more edge). Cannot wait to hear what he's got to come (and I didn't do a gig review which is very unlike me, but I've just been really busy, and yeah, but it was great).

And we actually managed to walk even further than we'd danced a week or so before.

On my birthday, Ann, Prince and I headed back to the woods on the hunt for bluebells, which were just starting to bloom, and took a load of pictures to show my great aunt who really loves them.

We also ate cake, because what's the point of a birthday if you're not eating cake, literally.

I headed back to Birmingham a day or two later, to get some reading/essays/revision done (exams are looming and I am not best pleased).

Tuna salad is my kind of meal when it's warm (and when it's cold because I don't like cooking and it's really quick and it's even good for you).

Also reeeeeally into houmous (/hummus (I don't know, both)) at the moment.

Reading for a film essay (I've taken a momd (module out of the main discipline) in film this year, which I really enjoyed (reused all of my A Level media knowledge)).

My mantra.

Sweet potato, (a lot of) cheese, cucumber, spinach and tomato. The easiest meal (and also one of the tastiest) known to man.

One of my flatmates is into knitting and made us (I'm the one with the curly hair).

Peach and apricot yoghurt with apple for breakfast.

In a park, reading a book.

I wore more makeup than just BB cream and powder for the first time in forever (looking paler than ever thanks to the glare of light from the window).

It's been warm in England recently so obviously ice cream has been even more important than it usually is (super duper important).

Revision is no fun.

Got a bunch of books to read over the summer (as if I didn't already have enough books).

Basically being in Birmingham means almost all the pictures are either food or book related.

What did you get up to in April?

Until next time.

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