Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The British Tag

I've been reading a load of older blog posts recently, from around summertime last year, and something a lot of people were doing around then was The British Tag. And I quite enjoyed reading them, so I thought I'd give it a go too (as I'm British (in case you didn't know)).

1. How many cups of tea do you have a day and how many sugars?

I don't drink tea, oops. Breaking stereotypes on the first question, oh golly.

2. Favourite part of your roast?

I really love roast potatoes covered in gravy gaaa (and stuffing).

3. Favourite dunking biscuit?

Probably have to go for Bourbons, but Custard Creams are a strong favourite too.

4. Favourite quintessentially British pass time?

I don't think I really have one. I mean, is wrapping up in a blanket and reading a book because it's cold outside a British thing? Maybe that. Or, I like walking through parks, and just walking in general (even when the weather's rubbish).

5. Favourite word?


6. Cockney rhyming slang?

I know dog and bone, and apples and pears. That's all I've got.

7. Favourite sweet?

I've always really liked Rhubarb and Custards, although I don't usually eat sweets at all.

8. What would your pub be called?

Abbie's Arms or something weird like that lol (can you imagine oh dear).

9. No.1 British person?

Kind of love the Queen. I think she's great and it blows my mind how she's still reigning at her age; a very impressive lady. The ultimate monarch.

10. Favourite shop/restaurant?

Favourite shop would probably be either H&M, M&S, Next or Waterstones (although I spend far too much time and money in Victoria's Secret too, so that's a definite favourite). Although favourite online shop is ASOS for sure. And favourite restaurant is either Prezzo, Ask Italian or Nandos (that chicken though). Although, there was actually the most amazing pizza place in Oxford called Fire & Stone but it closed down, sad times. It was so good. But, luckily there's one in Covent Garden and Charlie and me just happen to be going to London tomorrow, so we get to experience the greatness of the best pizza ever once again. All the pizzas are named after different cities too and I love that. So yeah, my stomach is very excited for tomorrow.

11. What British song pops into your head?

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

12. Marmite.

No thanks.

Anyway... that was the British Tag. If you're also British then let me know your answers to the questions, and if you're from somewhere else and there's a tag for your country, let me know all your questions and answers too, I'd love to know :)

Until next time.

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