Tuesday, 16 June 2015


All of the acronyms.

Chloe and I bought tickets for this like a year ago, so you could definitely say it's been a long time coming. But our Wembley Arena date of 5 Seconds of Summer's aptly named (lol), Rock Out With Your Socks Out tour, came around on Saturday.

(here we are (always find it funny when I look shorter than Chloe in photos (I'm almost a foot taller than her (major knee bending))))

And I want to say the show was great, because for the most part it was, but it was also absolutely terrifying.

We were in one of the little standing zones and so we had a great view of the stage and room to bop around. The support act, Hey Violet, were pretty good; most of their songs were really upbeat, which I liked, so I enjoyed listening to them.

5SOS were amazing. I hadn't seen them live before, but I would now love to see them again. They had so much energy and it was just a really fun experience. I love their music and they played a lot of upbeat songs, but still swung in a few of my favourite ballads.

Everything I Didn't Say, Long Way Home, Amnesia, and Beside You were probably my favourite songs they played, but they were all great to be honest. I really love how Everything I Didn't Say sounds on the live album, but actually being there listening was so much better; a really stunning, and I think underrated, song. I really love every version I've heard of Long Way Home, and I think it's probably my favourite song from their album. They really didn't disappoint.

However. I'm sure a lot of people will have heard that there was a really terrible, frightening end to the evening, as during She Looks So Perfect there were all sorts of pyrotechnics flying from the stage. Literally right at the end of the song one of them flew straight into lead guitarist, Michael's, face. And being so close and on his side of the stage, we saw it happen and it was numbing. The show ended without the planned encore, completely understandably, as he definitely needed medical attention, but Ashton returned to the stage to confirm that he would be alright.

And I am so glad to hear that he really is okay, and wish him all the love in the world, because it must have felt even more awful than it looked. He's a real trooper and very dedicated to what he does.

Besides the troubling ending, it was probably one of my favourite gigs that I've ever been to (I wish I could think about it like that more but it's kind of hard to all things considered). The band are incredibly talented and clearly work very hard at what they do. Hopefully I'll get the chance to go and see them live again in the near future; I would definitely recommend going to a show if you haven't before.

I think live is absolutely the best way to hear this band.

Until next time.

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