Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Let the Road - Rixton: album review

Rixton's debut album, Let the Road, was released last week and I liiiiiiike it. I remember hearing a song called Make Out by them, probably about a year and a half ago, and since then they've gone on to release several singles, and now their first album. The band formed in 2012 in Manchester, England, and are now becoming increasingly recognised internationally.

Me and My Broken Heart and Wait On Me both have a very similar sound to them, and I kind of like that there was that element of continuation between the first two singles; it's a good way for an audience to get to know the kind of thing that the artist will bring to the music industry foremost, as well as the ever important element of recognition. They're both fairly upbeat, but not too fast: the perfect medium (I'd call it a good bopping speed (if that's a thing)).

Appreciated is undoubtedly my favourite song on the album. It's the most stunning ballad, with the loveliest lyrics. It's about appreciating someone, hence the title, and making them aware of how much they do for you and letting them know that you're there for them too. And that's a really nice thing. I think we all forget to tell people how much we appreciate all the things they do for us, and it's a very important thing to do. The whistling of the melody at the beginning just sets the perfect tone for the song, which is held through until the very end. Beautiful.

Speaking of beautiful, Beautiful Excuses is another favourite of mine. Ballads; I just love them. The vocals are just beautiful, and that's consistent all throughout this album. The lyrics sound really good on this one too, it's like Roche's voice and the words blend into the perfect sound. Hotel Ceiling is another ballad. Though it's kind of an unusual one. The video to it is so confusing until the very end and then it all comes together and makes you question the whole thing all over again (I'll leave a link to that here if you'd like to watch it). I think it's a great song though; an interesting one.

We All Want the Same Thing is the band's most recent single and again, it features a very similar sound to the first two singles, but it doesn't sound so similar that it's boring. It's got a stronger beat and is more of a dancing song (as opposed to a bit of casual bopping). Another winner.

I would give this album a listen if you're into the current pop/rock music scene (iTunes: here). It's got a very contemporary pop sound to it, so if you're into that, then you'll probably be into this.

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