Tuesday, 9 June 2015

One Direction: On the Road Again tour


Chloe and headed off to Bristol on Saturday where we met her sister, Grace, who we stayed with on Saturday night, as the three of us were heading over to Millennium Stadium in Cardiff to see One Direction that evening.

We were thinking of getting tickets to the September/October tour but it just didn't seem practical as Chloe didn't know where she'd be for uni at that point, and also, this date was so much sooner.

And I'm glad we did go to this one because it was so fun.

McBusted were supporting and they were great. I think most of the songs they played were Mcfly/Busted songs rather than McBusted ones and I really liked that, as I'd heard most of the McBusted ones recently on their tour. Shine a Light was probably my favourite song they played; it just always sounds so beautiful (Star Girl was a close second).

One Direction were so great, I was so pleased. We were in the yellow zone (standing) which was near the front so we were quite close to the stage. And Harry spent rather a lot of time on our side of the stage which was great.

Some of my favourite songs they played were Little Black Dress, Girl Almighty, Little Things, Night Changes, Strong, and Don't Forget Where You Belong. The ballads just sounded so wonderful live, and it brought a sense of calm to the craziness of all the screaming young girls. But then the upbeat songs were really fun to dance to and sing along to.

They didn't actually play that many songs from their newest album, but I think Take Me Home is probably my favourite album and they did quite a few songs from that, so that made me pretty happy. I also really loved Story of My Life; what a pretty song (and, oh look, a ballad, what a surprise (I love them so much)).

Their stage was cool; I think it was quite a similar set up to their last tour but basically with different colours. I liked that they went up and down the runway a lot, because it seemed like they really were performing to everyone, and making sure everyone could see and have the best experience which was nice.

It was definitely the biggest gig I've ever been to, as I tend to go to shows at arenas or much smaller venues, so it was a little bit overwhelming to see just how many people there were there, but it was a good experience and we had a great time.

I would completely recommend going to see One Direction if you ever get the chance. They sound pretty much as good live as in the studio, and at times sounded even better. A lot of the girls kind of (really) terrified me, but I guess they were having a fun time, so I guess it was alright.

But yeah.

It was great.

Until next time.

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