Monday, 1 June 2015

Song of the week #22/life update

I've been kind of MIA recently (for like two months hahah hhh h), due to exams (and generally just having some time to myself???????? (kind of (not really))), so I haven't really posted much at all. (Actually really surprised that anyone's been reading anything on my blog for the past two months so thank you so much to the people who have, I wasn't expecting any page views at all haha.) And so I thought I'd start back up on the song of the week posts, as I said at the beginning of the year I'd do one every week for as long as possible, but I haven't done one in two whole months, oops. As well as that I thought I'd just have a little chat about the past month or so (everything that happened in April is kind of clear from the photo diary I did), like a little life update type thing.

Anyway, the song of the week is Scars by James Bay (been loving his whole album since it came out (might do a delayed album review (maybe))). There's just something about this song. It's like nothing I can think of.

The instrumentation is so fitting, the way each new instrument comes in and the riffs that come with each one. Even just the way James' voice builds up all the way through, and the way he belts the choruses so that you feel them hit you. Literally, feel them. The lyrics in the verses seem so intricate and delicate, but the chorus is like the words are ripping out of him. It's incredible.

This is the song on the album that really stood out for me. I love Hold Back the River and I think If You Ever Want To Be In Love is sooooooo good, but this is just in another league. So yeah, if you haven't heard any of James Bay's music, or have only heard a song or two, give this one a listen. It's worth the time.

And in terms of life updates. Basically exams have been happening and they're still not quite over yet, almost, but not quite. They're a little bit stressful, but as my last one is tomorrow morning I'm feeling a bit calmer now (although pretty sure this is the hardest one hahahah).

Some other things: I went for a spontaneous, flying visit home at the beginning of May, because Ann (my mum) missed having me around, bless her heart. I also wanted to check in on my lovely (Great) Auntie Joan, as I like to spend as much time with her as I can. Annnnnnnd I was also surprising my closest girl friends, as they're all still living in our home town and were having a girls' night in and I just so happen to be on the girls' group message that they planned the evening on. They were verrrrrry surprised to see me, but we had a really nice time and it was great to catch up after a long time apart from most of them.

I also went home again in the middle of May, this time to celebrate my Mum's birthday with her. I arrived home the day before her birthday, bearing delicious fruit tarts from Patisserie Valerie and then I took her out the following day (her actual birthday), for afternoon tea at The Randolph hotel in Oxford and we had the loveliest time. Afternoon tea was meant to have been a surprise, buuuuuut, there was a really big fire at The Randolph the month before and so it seemed very unlikely that we'd be able to go, so I told her; then they ended up reopening again like a week or two before the day. It was a shame it wasn't the surprise I'd hoped for it to be, but we had the most wonderful day anyway, rounding it off with some shopping and then going in to see Auntie Joan. And we had Chinese food for dinner. What a great day.

The day after Mum's birthday was my younger brother's birthday, and he turned 17 (oh my), but unfortunately I could only be there for the morning as I had to head back to Birmingham for a revision session in the afternoon (for the exam I have tomorrow). If you're interested in keeping up with what I'm doing (lol, not usually much) then I post quite regularly on my instagram and twitter, which are linked at the bottom of each blog post, so check those out if you wanna.

(my snapchat is abbielour by the way (if you're interested (I don't post stories very often so I'm not very interesting)).

Annnnnnd yesterday I actually met one of my favourite bands which was pretty nice. Lawson were rushing round the country as promo for their first single from album two, and made a stop outside the Bullring in Birmingham. When I saw the tweet saying they were going to be there I was already half way to catching a train into town to buy a few bits and pieces so I went along and said hi and they were really lovely. Major life dilemma though because I wasn't wearing any makeup because I was only planning on doing a quick bit of shopping, but oh well. They were great. And their new single is great too; it's called Roads and you can check it out of iTunes here. Would definitely recommend giving it a listen (the video's cool too so I'll link that here too).

(can you tell I really like trees)

On another note: I've been booking lots and lots of train tickets over the past month as I have some really exciting things happening really soon; I can hardly wait any longer, and I know for a fact that June is going to be the most fun month of the year so far (and maybe (probably) overall). I can't wait to tell you all about everything I'm going to be getting up to, as and when it all happens. I'm hopefully going to get back into the swing of more regular posts again once tomorrow is over, because I've missed it a lot.

Until next time.

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