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Talking is Hard - Walk the Moon: album review

Been listening to this album non-stop for the past three days; I can't get enough of it.

Walk the Moon are an indie rock band from Ohio, USA, who formed in 2008. Taking is Hard is their second major label album, with them having released a self-titled album in 2012, as well as having independently released their debut album in 2010, which was titled I Want! I Want! The band have gained a huge amount of popularity more recently, following the worldwide release of single Shut Up and Dance, which I've been loving for months.

Their style seems really unique, and I think that's what initially attracted me to their music: it's like nothing I've heard before. I mean I think you can hear influences from other artists, but all in all, this album is something completely different. And it's so refreshing to hear. Talking is Hard is very upbeat overall, and I really love that about it, which is kind of unexpected for me, as I'm known for being a great lover of ballads. But there's just something undeniably capturing about this album. I really like that every song is in keeping with the next, despite all their differences.

Shut Up and Dance is the song on the album I've been listening to for the longest, as it's been on youtube since last year. It's just such a hit. How could you not like it. I literally don't know. It makes me want to dance more than any song ever, and it just feels good. I'm really glad it's becoming more talked about in the UK, as are the band, as they deserve so much more recognition.

Avalanche is maybe (probably (I hate to commit)) my favourite song on the album. I just love it. Literally what is there not to love. It feels so uplifting and I feel so much happier the moment I start listening to it. The bridge is my favourite part of the whole song; I just love the beat and how it compliments the lyrics 'sometimes you only get one chance.' I mean, there's potential it could be one of my favourite songs ever. That's how much I like it. If you're not gonna listen to any of the other songs, just listen to this one.

I think Portugal was the first song I listened to on this album besides Shut Up and Dance. Just shuffled on spotify and this was the one it started with. And it got me hooked straight away. Walk the Moon seem to be really great with choruses. Like, they really are the best part of the majority of their songs, and even though most of them are quite repetitive, it just works.

The intro to Down in the Dumps sounds very in keeping with the title, and then as the song progresses it gets more and more optimistic, in the lyrics and instrumentation. I like the progression of the song, and the lyrics of the chorus are great.

We are the Kids feels like a really me kind of song??? If that's a thing that a song can be. It's about living in the moment and not waiting for things to happen, and I really like that and it's basically how I try to live my life (even though I'm a real planner (I try to be spontaneous when I can)). I like songs about not growing up too (I'd like to stop getting older please), or just songs that are about feeling young still even if you aren't. It's just nice.

Come Under the Covers kind of makes me think of The 1975. The opening has that kind of vibe to it, just with the way the guitar and vocals sound together. It sounds great. And I like that it's a bit calmer (as much as I do really like all the more upbeat songs), I think it fits the lyrics better for this one. It's got a very elevating feel to it.

Oh Aquaman is so great. It sounds like a summer evening. I don't how a song can really sound like a thing or a time of day or season, but it literally does. It's like a beautiful sunset followed by an even more stunning sunrise. I don't know, it's the weirdest way of describing a song, but I can't think of any other way to explain it. It's very serene and more of a ballad (maybe that's why I like it so much (second/most favourite song?????). It's great.

Overall this album is a total winner, and definitely my current favourite. I love every song, even though I haven't gone into detail with them all. I would highly recommend giving it a listen, as it's upbeat and just really fun. Album of the summer for sure.

You can find it on iTunes here.

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