Friday, 31 July 2015

July photo diary '15

I really love photo diary type posts; I think it's nice to have a little peak into the kind of things people see each day and find out a little bit about what they get up to, without it being really word heavy. It's fun to scroll through pictures and I think a lot of the time they do have a way of saying more than words.

And so, I thought this month I'd do another photo diary; I believe it's the fourth or fifth one I've done, and it's the kind of post I enjoy to both compile and read/look at the most.

So, this is July in photo format.

1st July was the hottest day of the year in England, so of course, what better to do than go to Bounce (a building full of trampolines) when it's 30-35 degrees outside :))))) (it was hot af and then some).

When I'm at uni, Mum and I send each other little cards like this all the time, and she missed doing it so here's one she gave me at the beginning of the month.

The sky was doing pretty things.

Meringue, strawberries and cream (summer is great (so is being at home where your mum buys such luxuries)).

My friends and I went down to Bournemouth, where we spent the day on the beach, playing mini-golf, and eating ice cream.

Went into Oxford to pick up a load of books for uni.

Charlie and I surprised Chloe with Ed Sheeran tickets for her birthday and we had a wooooonderful time.

The following two days I spent volunteering with my local Brownie pack on their annual pack holiday, where they peer pressured me into doing archery and we had a little camp fire among a ton of other things.

Subsequently the first half of the following day was spent like this.

When you ask your brother to hold your phone whilst you're in the dentist's and he keeps it and proceeds in taking numerous selfies and sending snapchats with lame hearts.

I like going on walks so here are some of the places that I go through.

Ann and I went to Blenheim for the day and spent hours walking around.

Reconnecting with my old pal (my lungs are struggling due to my lack of recent practise).

Hair longer than average life expectancy, feat. Sighh Designs phone case and a mark on the mirror.

Vinnie's come to stay with us for a while and he knows how to open doors and likes to wake me up and proceed in making my bed his own.

He also has the biggest ears ever.

Meeting up with friends from school is nice and everything but golly it makes me feel old (missed Sneha x5039050439).

When he wakes you up and then goes straight back to sleep.

On the final day of the month, Ann and I went back to Blenheim to watch the jousting, which was fun (bar all the children) and the sun even came out for the afternoon (we had ice cream it was great).

What did you get up to in July?

Until next time.

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