Monday, 6 July 2015

Song of the week #26

Nathan Sykes' debut solo single, Kiss Me Quick, was released yesterday, and it's bloomin' brilliant.

The first time I actually heard it was live at a show at Bush Hall, when Nathan was testing out his new music at a few little shows across the UK, and I was immediately hooked. With a jazz band backing him up, there was not a single bad thing to say about the song, and to be honest, the studio recording it just as good.

The song has such a groovy vibe, I want to dance to it all the time. It makes me think of all the soulful artists like Earth, Wind, and Fire (yesssssssss), and I think that there's such a window for this style of music right now: no one else is really doing anything like this. It's like an updated blast from the past, and it is more than welcome to hang around for a while, because I can't get enough.

Listen to the sooooooong.

I also love Wait For You, which is on the ep. Very excited for his album.

Until next time.

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