Monday, 10 August 2015

Song of the week #30

Ahhhh, The Killers, an American rock band I'm sure most people will have heard of. I've loved their music for years but recently I've been listening to them more frequently. One of my favourite songs is When You Were Young. I love the big intro, where the hook is immediately indicated (and what a great hook it is). The bass line can be heard so easily and I always really appreciate that about The Killers' music (sometimes I feel like with other artists it gets hidden under too many layers of sound ya know).

It's just a great rock song. What's not to like? The middle eight sounds a little gospel and I love how they're always mixing up their sound. I like the concept of the lyrics too; they work really well with the instrumentation.

What's your favourite song by The Killers?

Until next time.

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