Monday, 17 August 2015

Song of the week #31

A week or two ago I went to see the lovely Kate Voegele play in Birmingham, and my oh my she was wonderful. She played a great show with Tyler Hilton and I had a great time. At the gig she played what is probably my favourite of all her songs, Sandcastles. It's the most beautiful song with lyrics that have captivated my heart.

The song is a subtle acoustic arrangement (with a little electric guitar line (so not completely acoustic but still)), very easy on the ears, with the guitar and piano at the heart of it. The instrumentation accompanies the lyrics perfectly. It's such a calm, serene song and I could honestly listen to it for hours (and I have and do often).

The lyrics form a sense of clarity in my mind. I don't know, like when it feels like nothing going on is making any sense I'll listen to this song for a while and remember that life just goes on, whether you're happy with how it's going and understand the goings-on of life or not; you can only do what you can to make things go your way.

The line 'I do believe a song can heal me' is the one that struck the boldest chord with me. I am one hundred percent in agreement with that line, and since I heard it I'm always thinking about it when listening to certain songs. It's the kind of line that some people will laugh or scoff at, and others will silently smile at.

And what better way to celebrate a song than with a silent smile that says more than any words ever will.

Until next time.

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