Monday, 7 September 2015

Song of the week #33

This might be the best opening song on any album ever.

I've loved Taylor Swift's album Red since it's release, but I hadn't actually listened to it for a while. And then I remembered how great it is. And how incredible the opening song, State of Grace is. So I've been listening to it rather a lot this week.

The drums at the beginning, followed by the build up of instruments and layers of sound. It just sounds, epic. Like it's the start of something really momentous, and grand, and impressive. And essentially it is. I love the use of the electric guitar; it appears at all the right times throughout the song, just when you want to hear a little something more, it's there.

It's the perfect way to open an album. Other artists should be taking notes.

Make it epic from the first beat.

Until next time.

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