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Autumn playlist

There are certain songs that I associate with certain seasons??? And they always sound best in that season????

One of my most popular posts is my Summer Soundtrack, which I complied well over a year ago now (I'm sure it would sound rather different if I did another), so I thought I would do something similar for Autumn. There are certain songs that always make me think of certain seasons and that's always the best time to listen to them. So I thought I would share my Autumn playlist with you.

1. Winds of Change - Vance Joy

To me, this song sounds like one to listen to at the changing of seasons, and so now that we've moved into autumn I'm listening to it all the time. It's one of my favourite songs on Vance's debut album, Dream Your Life Away, which was released in September 2014. It has the loveliest sound to it, and you can hear the sense of expectation of what's to come in his voice.

2. Enchanted - Taylor Swift

This song just feels so autumnal to me. It makes me imagine a crisp, calm evening. And it's about meeting someone new, and to me that seems like something that happens a lot around this time of year, whether you're meeting people at uni or a new job etc. As much as the song sounds hopeful it also sounds somewhat desolate and full of a lost fantasy. 'Please don't be in love with someone else' sounds more like the end of something than the beginning, and autumn is rounding up the end of year and the decaying of nature. Enchanted was released in 2010 on Taylor's third album, Speak Now, so I've loved it for quite a while now.

3. Shadows - Westlife

It's a well known fact that I love Westlife, and there's many a song for each season, but I've gone with Shadows for this playlist. In this season there are a lot of shadows naturally, but I suppose also figuratively too. Autumn and winter have a tendency to make me think about the past and that's what this song is about. Essentially shadows are representative of memories, following you around. This song is from one of my favourite Westlife albums, Where We Are, released 2009.

4. Miles Away - The Maine

Miles Away is the first song on The Maine's most recent album, released earlier this year, called American Candy. Autumn is a big time for movement, especially for me, as I returned to uni recently, and this song is kind of about being miles away from where you usually are, and experiencing different things, which is really relevant. It's also about using the memories you have of a certain place to feel like you're there rather than where you actually are. 'When the buzz ain't like it was, then it's time for a change.' I hope they play this one when I see them next year.

5. Emotionless - Good Charlotte

I definitely listen to a lot of sadder songs in autumn and winter, and this is no exception. I just think it has to most beautiful instrumentation and the way that's combined with the lyrics is really stunning. The song was released in 2002, on The Young and the Hopeless. 'And sometimes I forgive, and this time I'll admit, that I miss you' is such a haunting lyric.

6. Come Under The Covers - Walk The Moon

Walk The Moon are one of my favourite bands at the moment, and this song is one that transitions really well from summer to autumn. Come Under The Covers reminds me a lot of The 1975, as I mentioned in my review of Taking Is Hard, the album this song is featured on. It has a very calming and yet elevating, motivating feel to it, and I really like that.

7. If It Means A Lot To You - A Day To Remember

This song. I feel like everyone knows this one very well and would probably agree that it suits the season well. The sense of hopelessness fuels the song, despite what would perhaps be considered a more hopeful tone, and hopelessness is something that I would personally really associate with autumn. The song was released back in 2009, on the album Homesick.

8. Live Forever - Oasis

This one is kind of ironic because everything dies in autumn. But the idea that certain things can live on regardless of seasonal changes is a nice one, so I thought I'd include it. I've been listening to Oasis for forever, and this is definitely one of my favourites. The lyrics are my favourite part, and I think the acoustic guitar accompanies them perfectly. The song was a single for the album, Definitely Maybe, released in 1994.

9. Autumn Leaves - Ed Sheeran

An obvious choice for the playlist, is Autumn Leaves, from the deluxe version of Ed Sheeran's first album +, which came out in 2011. It's the most stunning song. The whole production is so subtle but you can just hear the attention to detail. As sad as it is, it's a song that's very relevant to many people, I'm sure.

10. Heartbreak Story - The Wanted

Oh look, another sad song. I heard this live at The Wanted's final tour and it was the most chilling thing. Jay's voice in particular I find so chilling, just the tone to it. I don't know, this song literally makes me feel cold, I can't explain it. It was released on the album Word of Mouth, in 2013. (I put up my fairy lights in my room earlier today and listening to this song with them on is so atmospheric, would recommend).

11. Sweater Weather - The Neighourhood

A classic. Sweater Weather is entirely relevant, because in autumn it is indeed sweater weather. And I really love wearing jumpers. I like the beat of this song, along with the melodies and lyrics. I think it's a nice something different to all the other songs I tend to gravitate towards this time of year. The song was released at the end of 2012 and then re-released in the autumn of the following year, as well as featuring on the band's debut album, I Love You.

12. Black As Rain - Pixie Lott

This song was released in the lead up to Christmas in 2011, on the album Young Foolish Happy, and therefore it's always had a solid autumn/winter feel to me. It's also to with the weather I suppose; it rains rather a lot in England during the end of the year (as well as the rest of the time, but especially now). This song feels very serene despite the themes of heartbreak and loss, and I always listen to it as if I'm looking out of a window on a rainy evening.

13. Always Summer - Yellowcard

I love how upbeat this song is, and I love the lyrics. 'It got dark, but now I think I see'. I just get it??? I don't know, I really feel this song. And I like the concept, of how the people you're with determine the season you feel you're experiencing. It was released on the album Southern Air in 2012.

14. Remembering Sunday - All Time Low

How could I not mention this song. It has the most melancholy tone and every time I hear it I feel it entirely. The acoustic guitar makes the ballad seem so much sadder, and then the drums come in, and everything builds up and it just hits you. Released on So Wrong, It's Right in 2007, I've been listening to this song for a lot of seasons now.

15. Empty Gold - Halsey

The lyrics to Empty Gold are particularly seasonal at times - 'the trees of loneliness'; 'feel like we've been falling down like these autumn leaves, but baby don't let winter come don't let our hearts freeze'. I also really like all the other lyrics. The song was released on the Room 93 EP earlier this year.

16. Waiting on the World to Change - John Mayer

The opening track on John Mayer's 2006 album, Continuum, is one of my favourites. I feel like I wait for autumn??? Like I don't love summer as most people tend to - I don't like being too hot or just hot at all, and so I always look forward to the change of weather in autumn. And sooooo I'm waiting on the world to change of course. I don't know it made sense in my head.

17. She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5

What a rainy day song this one is. Sad that I'm not the beauty queen of only eighteen because I got older. This is such a stunning song though, and it's been used in countless films because it's always the perfect song for a sad situation. I listen to it a lot all year round, but especially in autumn. It was released on one of my all time favourite albums, Songs About Jane, in 2002.

18. Exit Wounds - The Script

It wouldn't be a playlist by me if there wasn't a song by The Script. This one is such a beautiful one, however, as the theme seems to be, it is very sad. It's about people leaving and how they leave holes in you when they go, like they're bursting out of your heart as they disappear from your life. It was on the 2010 album, Science & Faith (what an album).

19. November Rain - Guns N' Roses

It rains a lot in November in England. It just makes sense okay. I feel like this song has such an atmosphere about it, with the thunder in the background, it makes me imagine a huge storm at night. 'Do you need some time on your own?' and that following sequence of lyrics is my favourite part. It was released way back in 1991, on Guns N' Roses third studio album, Use Your Illusion I.

20. Standing In The Dark - Lawson

The whole EP for Standing In The Dark is an autumn one for me, especially since it was released in October 2012, but I think it suits the season perfectly. Die For You is one of my all time favourite Lawson songs, and Getting Nowhere sounds how I feel a lot of the time. And this song is just something else.

21. Hold Onto Me - Mayday Parade

Everything about this song sounds chilling to me. It's the song that you listen to late at night, when you're lying alone in bed, imagining how different things could be. I would love if Mayday Parade played this song on tour next year, because I think it would be such an experience live. Monsters in the Closet (2013) is definitely one of my favourite of their albums.

22. Say Ok - Vanessa Hudgens

In 2006 this song was what it was all about (still pretty into it now if you couldn't tell). I remember the video for this being all grey and blue toned so it looked cold and wintery, and Zac Efron's also in it, which isn't autumnal but it's still important. Still a hit. Would recommend.

23. Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) - Green Day

I really love acoustic tracks, and this one is a truly stunning one. The strong vocals combined with the serenity of the acoustic guitar creates a really complimentary sound; I suppose something that perhaps you wouldn't necessarily expect, but it works beautifully. Released on Nimrod in 1997.

24. Another Sad Song - Lower Than Atlantis

Says it all in the title really. Another one of those. This is probably my favourite Lower Than Atlantis song (hope x10000000 they play it on tour in December (please)), and I love the build up. The vocals start off fairly chilling but by the end you feel like shouting the lyrics out at the top of your lungs alongside the band. Released on World Record in 2011, this song is something else.

25. re:stacks - Bon Iver

I think all Bon Iver songs make me think of autumn or winter. There's something in the tone. This track is probably my favourite from this whole playlist (probably not definitely because commitment is terrifying). It was released on the album, For Emma, Forever Ago, in 2007. I just adore it; I genuinely listen to it at least ten times a day (usually a whole lot more). The style is just so calming and I love anything acoustic. It's the perfect song.
'Your love will be safe with me.'

If you'd like to listen to any or even all of these songs, they're all linked in the titles, so I hope you like them as much as I do.

Until next time.

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